Thursday, March 20, 2008

Under Construction

This is a new image being readied for carving. The usual process is to refine the drawing that I intend to use as the basis for carving. This turtle will be transferred to carving material and the carved image will start from there. Sometimes I make the preparatory drawing into a rubber stamp as well. I usually make that decision after the caving is complete. Why a turtle? This one is to fulfill a request from a customer. She wanted a realistic drawing plus some other details that you will see when the carving is finally complete. A hint? He's called a "Turtle for All Seasons." Hopefully he will be in his completed form (along with some "accessories" ) by the end of the weekend. No, he's not an Easter Turtle (although that does spark an idea). Check back to see how it turns out. This is partly a "cliff hangar" but mostly because I'm never sure myself until the carving is under way and first proofs are pulled just how the project will look when it's finished. A Turtle for All Seasons may be named "Spaatz." That's because that was the name of a pet turtle I had as a young child. It was the only pet my Mother would tolerate. He didn't bark or shed and he lived longer than a goldfish that broke my heart by going belly up almost immediately after being brought home. Be back some time over the weekend. Thanks for checking in. Charlotte

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