Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Two Challenges

One Challenge Closes Another Opens The Veneer Challenge winner has been announced and the samples and information have been "archived." They remain available and you can always find them to use the tutorials or check samples for ideas. Just visit the Gazette Front Page and scroll down to the table with links to previous Challenges. Now that the Veneer Challenge is completed a new challenge is presented. : ) It never stops, hopefully! Ida Abshier, "Queen of Watercolor" is showing us all how to use her fluid, lovely, watercolor technique. There is a tutorial to start you out but in addition, Ida will be answering questions throughout the challenge.....which, due to its difficulty, may last six weeks. Try it.....if you have questions, submit them to gg designs and Ida will address them. This really is a lovely technique that looks deceptively simple. It's a lot of knowing when to stop and the "less is more" philosophy. Ida will hold our hands while we experiment. It's a lovely technique to have at your disposal. A tad frustrating in the beginning but you will definitely be glad to have this "tool" available. After every one's had a chance to get started, we'll discuss different ways to use it.....and.....what to do with the "rejects." (There will be plenty!)
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