Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hope you year is starting sans hangover but with lots of promise.

Would it discourage you to know I've already broken one of my New Year's Resolutions?

Well, actually it wasn't a "resolution." Like diets I don't do them anymore. BUT, I do make plans.

My plan was to have a "Morning Ritual" in place. The ritual was to involve some kind of drawing/art project, a "daily do" of some kind. The problem was, I became so engrossed in the "how to" and found so many interesting books and ideas that I haven't settled down with just one.

Thought I'd enlist your aid......learn from your experiences.

Have you done any "One Every Day" for a year, or a month or a week?

What was the result? Did it change your mind set? If it was an art project, how did it help you (if it did)?

For now, I have one book I think I might be able to do daily....if not necessarily in the morning.

It's a small, unintimidating book that I got from Amazon:

It's only about 5 x 7 1/2" (I thought it might be bigger) and has each page divided in you can see, it won't be a terribly time consuming "start." It's not "art" paper and looks like it might be too thin for some of the pens I like to use (most notably, Sharpies) but it's a start. Perhaps it can hold pencil sketches...not so apt to show through. It's little enough, it might actually get done on a reasonably regular basis.

Have several other books I've got lined up. We'll talk more about those in coming posts.
But, enough about me.........what about YOU?

Any particular plans for  2012? Any new art endeavors?

How about sharing ONE resolution? Then, if you want to use us for accountability (as I am obviously doing with all of you) check in regularly with us (all of us, ggd, the readers, the kind folks adding comments) and let us know how it is going.

Many of you are primarily stampers and again, primarily, card makers. But, it's very unlikely that is your only creative interest. Tell us about your other interests....better still, show us. Let's make this a fun creative year together. We are happy to post pictures of your work and connect to your blog.

There will be a monthly give away (sometimes a contest, sometimes a drawing) so "stay tuned."

Again....Happy New Year!



  1. Happy New Year to you Charlotte. I think this might be a long post. BIG GRIN
    I can't remember ever making a New Year Resolution. Just not in my make up. If I want to do something I start it whenever I thnk about it, not put it off or wait for the one day "New Year"...
    Yes I have done several projects where it was a daily occurrence, but it was mainly geared to getting others to do something art wise on a daily basis, as in challenges. I don't seem to have a problem with doing my art daily or at least almost every day.
    So I have to ask a couple questions as to, why is that and why does it matter if you don't?
    If you're not doing something art wise daily, why does it bother you? (not you specifically but all of us).
    The saying I live by is, "you'll always find the time to do the things you really love to do." The operative words are "love to do". If you don't love to do it, you'll always find other things to get in the way. Including, husbands, kids, housework etc etc. (and those things usually aren't that much fun...)
    If someone says I don't have time - really think about why. Learn to delegate to free up some time. And if you've already delegated and still not have time, ask yourself what am I doing with my time.
    I'm often asked where I find the time to create as much as I do. I have facebook, Twitter, Pinterst and a few others, but spend very little time on any of them. I always wonder at the amount of time others spend on these things, including phones.
    All I can say, is if you REALLY WANT to do art every day (or at least a majority of days), you'll find the time.
    PS I don't believe doing real art every day is necessary. Doing something art wise can also be reading about it, or "how to" books, these stimulate that arty part of the brain.
    I don't journal either although I have lots of journals. When I come across something really interesting, I'll sit down and try it right away, not put it off for another day - and then forget about it. These samples usually land in my journal and spur me in new directions. Stimulation

    You mentioned the kind of paper that's in the little journal you have and that the paper is probably too thin for Sharpies. What difference does that make? So the ink flows to the back of the page. Put a piece of cardstock between the pages so it doesn't flow to the next page. If you don't like seeing the Sarpie marks on the backside, stick two pages together when done.
    Or do something on sturdier paper and stick it in the journal. Lots of ways to get around the problem. Remember, just excuses as to why not to start.

    OK I think I've said enough.
    Hope I haven't offended anyone. I'm a little dogmatic at times...

  2. Thank you Yogi....for all your QUESTIONS!!! Will be tackling some (many) of them in future posts. Enough food for thought to get us all going for quite a while!
    Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  3. I do art....because I "have" to do art. "Have" meaning it gives me pleasure...other things can wait.

    Now admittedly, I have PROJECTS that I must do. These are usually something I promised to do for someone else, with specific guidelines.

    But the art/craft table is always available and there are SO MANY things that I want to try, that it is only a matter of picking a technique, subject or size. ATCs are my preferred size...but they often grow ino cards!

    I skipped a journal last year..and really missed it. Ended up putting journal entries EVERYWHERE! Really... checkbook, register tapes, backs of this year I made a journal and will endeavor to fill it's pages...if I feel like it! your blog and often learn a tip or inspration to lead me off on a new artistic bend. Thanks!

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  5. "there are SO MANY things that I want to try"

    Hope you'll be sharing some of these with us all throughout the year.

  6. No, I've never actively tried a once a day, week, or month thing... I've thought about it... but knew I'd probably fail... lol. Life does get extra busy at times... it's all choices, but I'm not going to choose art over my family... there are days when I'm happy for a few minutes of creating time and other days when I get hours.. it all works out. I've learned to not commit to too much or I get stressed and then it's not fun anymore and art should be fun.

  7. "I'm not going to choose art over my family"

    Sometimes family IS art!

    My investigating the effect of these lofty goals is to enhance my self-dicipline...or lack of it :)

    I'm easily diverted so I figured it might be a way to keep me on track.

    We'll see!

    Happy 2012...Hope you'll share some of your projects.

    To anyone who doesn't know Wanda's work (IS there anyone?) Wanda's blog is listed in the sidebar. Be sure to check it out.

  8. Today I am enjoying a stamping afternoon. My husband is happily watching football, and I cleaned the house earlier this week, so I do not feel guilty. To be honest, I (personally) feel like I have to do the work before I can play, and stamping is my playtime. However, if I don't get my playtime, I get a bit crabby. I imagine I'm not the only one....

    I made a few "mistakes" this afternoon as I worked on a Snow ATC swap. I am a teacher at heart, so I plan to keep these "mistakes" and show them. And who knows? Sometimes mistakes actually become new techniques that we do on PURPOSE.

  9. "Sometimes mistakes actually become new techniques"

    I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but certainly hope you'll share some of those techniques with us.

    Is there a Deb Lovett Challenge or tutorial in our 2012 future?

    HNY--Enjoy your stamping.

  10. This is a wonderful conversation!

    As a working mom of a middle schooler, sometimes by the time I get to my art supplies I'm too pooped to party. In 2011 I did several things to stretch creatively with mixed results.

    1) In 2011 I committed to creating a project and blogging about it for the 31 days of October. Took more time then I thought. Halloween has never really inspired me and after the challenge that hasn't changed. I successfully completed the challenge and I did create a few pieces that I really liked.

    2) In 2011 I was an active member of 2 design teams. Sometimes creating on demand can drain me creatively. But being on a DT means you do have to perform and sometimes I cranked out projects that were not my most inspired work (although "management" was pleased with my work). In 2012- no design teams- I want to make what I want to make.

    3) In 2011 I took several online classes but couldn't complete them because of family stuff and work stuff. Could I have managed my time better? Yes. I'm taking a 2 week online class starting in mid January. I am going to MAKE time to enjoy the class.

    In summary, my big thing in 2012 is going to be to use what time I have to make things I enjoy.

  11. "my big thing in 2012 is going to be to use what time I have to make things I enjoy. "

    What a terrific goal for the new year!!!

    For those of you who came to ggd post the now (sadly) defunct Cyberstampers, Heather is responsible for many samples in the Catalog and has some stamps named after her. If you check this link you can see some of her earlier work. It will be fun to see her new styles, unencumbered by having to use specific stamps or techniques.

    Glad to hear that you are going to be doing your own thing Heather. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    And, YES, this is a "wonderful conversation!" It's so much fun when everyone "comes out to play."

  12. would help if I included the link!!!

    If you check this link you can see some of her earlier work. It will be fun to see her new styles

    Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. Heather's samples are listed on the left.

  13. A quick note to Yogi!

    "PS I don't believe doing real art every day is necessary. Doing something art wise can also be reading about it, or "how to" books, these stimulate that arty part of the brain."

    I LOVE IT! However, this is my downfall. I spend more time reading about projects than doing them!

    Printing is one of my biggest of course a "How To" printing book was on my gift request list. I received it, had a wonderful time browsing and planning projects but when I went to put it away on the shelf, I was shocked and embarrassed at how many other "simple printing" books I have accumulated.

    One of my goals this year (goal/not resolution) is to actually DO some of the techniques explained.

    Thus...the "one-a-day" research.

    So far, no one has particularly found that approach/discipline especially helpful.

    Anybody else had any experience with this?

  14. "gg designs said...
    Is there a Deb Lovett Challenge or tutorial in our 2012 future?"

    Sure! That would be fun.

  15. Happy New Year !
    I am an artist, home school mom, and wife, so I can identify with Heather's comment "too pooped to party!" However this past year I completed something that I never thought I would do. I decided to work in acrylic (not my favorite) and also very large...3'x5'. It was a stretch and a challenge that I am glad to say I thoroughly enjoyed. Made me realize working large is not as scary as it once seemed. So this year my goal is to do several more large paintings. I have my next canvas out and ready to start! A little smaller this time, though!

    Also, last fall I decided to do a 30 day challenge with my daughter. I would create a piece of art daily and she would write a poem. Several days into it I wondered if I had bitten off more than I could chew! But I pushed on to the next day and the next and really began to think differently, more creatively. I looked at things from a different perspective, more thoughtfully. It helped me make more time on a daily basis to do what is important to my soul, what makes me, me! Even today, many months after the challenge has ended, I still purpose every day to do some kind of art. And, yes, my daughter met her goal as well. She ended up with some very nice poems :).

    I do have a blog where I put each piece of art from the 30 day challenge, if you'd like to peek!

    I carve and belong to a carving group. I also do watercolor, portraiture, needlefelting, pencil drawing, to name a few of my loves!
    So, I guess my goal for 2012 is to continue to build more time in my day for creativity.

  16. For those of you who have not seen Michelle's art, DO check her blog, particularly, her carvings.

    As this conversation has grown, I've already modified my goal slightly.

    The main emphasis will be exploring various printing processes. I won't be printing something daily (I don't think) but will be studying and preparing for frequent projects. At least two per month will be at a Printmakers Open Studio which I attend and the rest will be other methods. The "daily" will be the drawing/carving/plate readying.

    Michelle, I marvel at how MUCH you get done. Very impressive.

  17. Take a class from Julie Fei-Fen Balzer called "30 Days to Art Journaling Every Day" if you can possibly do so. I have art journaled every day since I took her class in November. It's the best class on the subject I've ever taken. I know it's not put on right now, but will be again, just don't know when. But do take the opportunity. She teaches how to put 10 minutes into it every day and to get alot out of it.

    Sally B.
    Baltimore, MD

  18. Actually, Julie is giving this online class on a continuing basis, if you're interested, email me at for a link.

    Sally B.
    Baltimore, MD

  19. about talking a bit more about this class and what you got out of it. 10 Minutes a day sounds doable for almost anybody (even me)!


  20. We need to be kind with ourselves and if we miss a time we planned for creating, still return to the commitment. I think it is a little like being on a diet. Sometimes we slip up.

  21. Julie is a New Yorker, and she is a very "freeing" artist. She laughs at mistakes and very often turns them into something usable. She makes it all look so easy, but teaches her method of journaling step by step. Each project is outrageous and challenging. She set her iPhone to 10:00 minutes every session, and would usually finish the art and journaling part during this time. The most amazing part was how after I "lost Julie" at the end of the month I was able to continue journaling almost daily. Now my style emerges, but I don't feel the tension, the "blank page" fear. I just do it. There's a Flickr group where many of us continue to share (not me, my writings have gotten very personal), and I admire what others continue to do, and get ideas from there. The most important part of this class to me is Julie's wacky New York attitude, her love of "mistakes", her incredible variety of ideas, and her ability to enable others to create on into the future.


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