Friday, November 25, 2011

Purchases and Prizes

As many of you long time gg designs followers know, ggd makes stamps but does not use them as much as you might expect. (We prefer to leave the wonderful presentations and the multiple uses up to the customers...and the results are always surprising and lovely.)

We buy even fewer stamps.

But, occasionally we see a stamp (or stamps) we just can't pass up.

Such is the case with Wrenay Kann's very special "12 Days of Christmas." We featured these during a Cyberstampers' Holiday Celebration years ago and somehow neglected to purchase them at that time.

Recently we decided that was a huge mistake on our part and we had to have them. (Won't necessarily use them, but definitely had to own them.) They came and are absolutely as special as we had remembered. Each section is approximately 2 1/2" square.

It took quite a search to find Wrenay (thank you everyone who helped) but it was definitely worth it. If you are interested, write to her by clicking on the illustration of thegreat "12 Days" set above.

AND...we were taken by not one but two "must have" stamps. The second is definitely a "just for fun" item and not necessarily for the holidays but certainly appropriate for any gift giving.....particularly hand crafted gifts.

We used it on the bottoms of some small Thanksgiving Day treats and it was a lot of fun when the Granddaughters discovered that the bar code wasn't really a bar code. I expect to get a lot of mileage out of this one! It really looks authentic.

gg designs made a faux bar code some time ago. It's fun but not as convincing as the Inkadinkado one.
(Reads "Not a Bar Code").

So much for the Purchases, now for the Prizes!

Remember Arlene Faber's layout challenge?
(Seems like a    l   o   n   g    time ago, doesn't it?)
Sally B  .
and Yogi sent their entries right away,  but (sadly) no one else took the bait!!! Either you were much too busy with Thanksgiving preparations or you weren't tempted by the prize (snif! snif!)........however you still have a minute of two!!! The prize(s) will be awarded on November 30.

Even if you don't particpate, come back to cheer on Yogi and Sally for their efforts. (Or, is "art" really an effort?)
Have a good "winding down" Holiday Weekend.......and come back and play!

gg designs

P.S. If you are an avid Day after Thanksgiving Shopper we wish you luck and hope your trip keeps you in the Black, not the Black and sounds pretty scary out there!

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