Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Our "links" review continues.......

Jennifer Recommends:

The Frugal Crafter

of whom she says "This Girl always has something new to share."

Lindsay Weirich--The Frugal Crafter
Considering that she has been published in virtually every stamping/crafting magazine in existence (and many no longer available) it is unlikely that you will find a technique or product or craft she has not tried.

Massive as it is, her site/blog is broken down into small, simple, manageable pieces. You can find enough information on just about anything to get you started.

Don't underestimate the value of her "search" feature in the upper right corner. You will find what you are looking for much quicker with its help.                  

Among her credits: a RubberStampMadness cover, illustrations for a children's book (The Rainbow Pants). Most impressive, and possibly, most useful--check out her over 700 You Tube videos!!!

WARNING--Searching this site and all the videos is not a quiet, contemplative experience   : )   This is a high energy woman with great enthusiasm for whatever she is doing at the moment. A venture into one of her DIY videos will give you enough information to get you off and running with a more than average chance of accomplishing something new and exciting. There are clear instructions, good supply lists and camera angles that allow you to see what's being done. They are fast paced, high adrenalin presentations. 

Check her intro to her MANY presentations!

Having this as a "go-to" place for idea starters and good crafting information makes a great "quick start" resource to keep handy.




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  1. I have seen a number of her paper crafting/stamping videos and they are always fun to watch. She is truly very practical.

    1. I'm planning to investigate a couple of them soon. Have a new project and like being able to SEE results as they happen.
      Unlike some of the many "how to" videos, hers seem pretty clear.........Often folks get in their own way and you can't really see what to do. That doesn't seem to be the case with her videos....at least the ones I've checked.

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