Wednesday, January 28, 2015


"Next week we will continue to explore....................."

Here are the three recommended links promised:

Wanda Hentges

Much published and long appreciated in the stamping community, Wanda is an accomplished artist and her present post will definitely get you in a Valentine's mood.

Her blog benefits from a long history of participation in "Blog Hops," competitions of all sorts and a strong presence in the on-line card/paper artists' community.

Many of her projects feature detailed "how-to" directions, meaningful quotes and lots of inspiration and encouragement.

It's worth taking some time to explore her blog and an endless variety of techniques that interest her and in which she is exceedingly accomplished.

Art Becomes Me........

Michelle--Camera Shy?

Michelle Morlan's original blog has information and history and a broad array of crafts, art and techniques which have interested her. It's a fun browse and will give you a look at her broad range of interests, skills and talent.

In her introduction she states,  " I am a lover of art. Always have been, always will be. Art, like life, is an adventure. So, I can't wait to see where it takes me next."

At least one of the directions her art has taken her is to http:/ new blog, where all of her hand carved images are featured.

In addition to the blog(s), Michelle has an Etsy store where her hand carved images and custom designs may be purchased.

<<<<<<<<This image might just be what you need to get "Valentine Ready."

Yogi (In her own words!)

I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. Took a two year course at Sheridan College of Applied Arts (Commercial Art/Graphic Design). And many workshops and mii classes since then. I've tried many different forms of art including, macrame, pottery/ceramics, needlework (embroidery, crewel, knitting & sewing), stained glass, and several others. My passion these days are with Calligraphy, bookbinding and other paper arts.

Valentines seems to be on everyone's minds!
Possibly THE most prolific artist on the Internet, the list of awards she has earned is mind boggling! The classes she has taken--and taught--the competitions she has entered!!! Go LOOK!
It's amazing. We're pretty sure she never sleeps (when would she have time)........but when you browse her site (look around, don't just stay on the first page) you will find detailed how-to instructions (don't we all love those?) and..........if you "give up" you can even purchase Yogi's art. 

Let us know when you come up for air!!!



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