Friday, April 18, 2008

Very Quiet!

Can't Believe..... ......that I haven't had anything to say (post) since the 5th! Violating the first rule of good blogging....frequent updates!! Two bits of information..... • The turtles are in production and should be here the early part of next week. And....also next week..... • The Rubber Stamp Chat Forum (see sidebar) is having a "First Birthday" celebration. Happy Birthday to them! Beeswax is the mover and shaker behind this really well done forum. We wish them much more success and will certainly be participating in the four day celebration. All the vendors will be having sales and specials so it's a good place to shop April 24th-28th. We'll be back with more we learn more. And we will certainly have some birthday sales specials during those dates. If you don't know about the Rubber Stamp Chat Forum you may want to take some time to browse. You will definitely want to see all the vendors' sales, so plan to attend. Join the fun! Thanks. 
Charlotte ===================================================