Monday, September 01, 2008

August is History

August Has Come and Gone!!!  

Where does the time go? This month was filled with birthday celebrations of all types and sizes, from the youngest, Hannah--SIX--to the oldest--78! All were fun, all different. Both granddaughters, Hayley and Hannah, had seperate Ice Skating Birthday Parties and it was fascinating to see the confidence of the young at work! At nine year old Hayley's party this weekend, her friend Megan skated for the first time...and was unbelievable good! A budding competition skater born? Pottery, stamping, carving and related pursuits all took a back seat to the fun activities AND to a new "career!" Designer to the American Girl Dolls! Well, "designer" is a stretch. But, as a proper grandmother, I struggled to sew and knit bitty clothes for Julie and Mia (the granddaughters' dolls) and feel pretty much like I have FOUR grandchildren, at this point. Hayley and Hannah picked out their dolls at a special New York trip a couple of months ago. They did all kinds of New York site seeing: Empire State Building; Statue of Liberty; the musical version of Ariel on Broadway; Ice Skating in Central Park; but the highlight was selecting their dolls at the American Girl store there. The big push for birthday doll clothes gifts (primarily soccer outfits with each girls' number on the back) is over and things are gradually settling down to "normal," whatever that is. The company that produces gg designs' stamps is back from their vacation and as long as I don't succumb to the call of a "serger"--for perfecting the doll clothes production (stop me before I buy again!)--carving, new stamp production and new challenges should be front and least for a while. Still trying to resurrect the "houses" project which somehow died aborning. The "pieces" are on my computer desk top taunting me. The weather in Folsom is getting a little more tolerable (i.e., cooler) and, once I get over the shock that another year has slipped by almost without my noticing it, I'll be back in business....hopefully, some fun "monkey business." Want to come out and play? Open to ideas, invitations, suggestions....and challenges! Hope the close of summer holiday weekend has been pleasant for all of you.