Sunday, November 09, 2008

99¢ Store

Couple of "Quickies"------ Yay...finally found the "cent" sign on my keyboard!!! Now my--99 c Store can really be my 99¢ Store! These little discoveries (that everyone else in the whole world knows) make me soooo happy. Obviously, it doesn't take much! The 99¢ Store (I LOVE writing that) is still evolving. It will always have 99 "Bins" or images to choose from. Disgarded the idea of adding more and more.....99 is a LOT to browse through. But the images will change frequently and often it's frustrating to come back and NOT find an image you know you saw a couple of days ago. So....we've added a "sold out" show the most recent items that are not available at this time. They can be ordered at their regular price, from the catalog, but they just aren't available at the great bargain price. Also changing.....The minimum number of items has been 15 but since the Post Offices' regulations have changed and anything over 13 oz must be taken in to the PO and handed to a clerk, (mail carriers can no longer accept packages that weight), we are lowering the number per order. Stamps weigh more than you think and add up quickly. Hope that helps you as well as me....and all our budgets! Oh...almost forgot....November 20 is the deadline to order holiday images. Check the Gazette and take some time to browse a bit to see some of the customer holiday favorites and how they are used. Lots of variety, lots of ideas and even lots of directions. ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢ Wheee! Anyway, if you have time off next week, enjoy!