Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slice and Dice

Slice 'n Dice Challenge Exciting!!!  

As the samples flow in, the excitement mounts. Rarely in a challenge have there been such diverse directions taken by an equally diverse group of stampers. Even though I do not participate in Challenges, even those sponsored by gg designs, this particular event has definitely influenced some of the projects I've been working on. Most customers know that I am not a stamper. Strange, huh? But, from the first stamp party I ever attended, I knew I was more interested in designing the stamps than using them. So, putting my designs, mostly carvings, on the Internet was a great way to keep on carving. (I now have a set of shelves in my garage, filled with a decade of carvings.) Also, when in an art class eons ago, a strange thing happened. Everyone was working at their own pace, in there own style until one day, the instructor decided to paint along with the class. BIG MISTAKE! From then on, students' work in the class became "clones" of the teachers' work. Think the teacher was flattered but an important learning experience was lost. Both of these events led to my early decision not to display my own work. A good thing, too. The work of the stamp artists using my designs so out classed what I would have done with them, how I saw them, it would have been exceedingly embarrassing!!! So....thank you stampers, for making gg designs look so good! Now to sort of break my own rule! This Slice 'n Dice project sent everyone in their own unique direction. (My hope for most challenges.) But this one couldn't/wouldn't be contained. While I do not participate in challenges or post my own work on the site, I do belong to a couple of carving exchange groups. While I was preparing ATCs for one of these groups I suddenly became aware that I was handling these in a totally different way than usual. And I knew the Slice 'n Dice approach was responsible. While I did not apply it in the way the tutorial directed (few of the participants did) its influence became obvious to me. These are the carved pieces I started with. Had nothing much in mind except experimenting with various background textures. As you can see, the carved pieces are various sizes and there's really no rhyme or reason apparent. This is the result: None of the carved pieces was used "in total." Just little smippets, randomly stamped. It's hard to tell which stamp was used where. I'm usually much more anal about having a plan and sticking to it. This was a whole new-happy- experience. I'm not showing the finished ATC, since most of the recipients in this exchange have not yet received their copies. BUT....I'm here to suggest you file the URL to the Slice 'n Dice Challenge away if you are not yet ready to try it. Plan it for a quiet time (what's that?) or a time when you are "stuck." (We all know what that is!) While I would love to have you participate in this month's challenge, it's much more important that you stash the information away so you can use it to "spread your wings" sometime when you really need it. It is such a freeing experience. You'll never look at your stamps in quite the same way again. Linda Blackbird, who originally introduced me to this technique wrote (of the entries so far): Oh my gosh, Char...These girls bring 'Slice and Dice' to a whole new level! Such creativity! What a treat to see so many different spins on the idea. Even though the technique didn't originate with me, thank you for using it as a catalyst for these wonderful creations....They are all truly inspiring! Here are the URL's to start you off: July Slice 'n Dice Challenge and Linda Blackbird's "Slice 'n Dice" Tiles technique Come on over t0 the Gazette and join us! We're having lots of fun!!! Charlotte