Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February Tutorial

Check out Deb Lovett's Spray Starch tutorial. It's the basis for this month's challenge and looks like it will be a LOT of fun. Also....we still want to "meet" you via our "Meet the Artist" section. Anytime someone is willing to share information on their hobbies, their lives....anything you want to share with us......it will first appear in the Gazette and then be placed in the "Meet the Artist" section to be saved and shared over time. (Note: You can always revise your profile....so if your teenager objects to the newborn picture you put up when he/she first arrived, feel free to update it! Nobody wants a pouty teenager around.) Our ETC. page is another place to show off your projects, your pets, your family....whatever is your latest passion. AND when you pick a number, it gives viewers a chance to win that month's prize. Sometimes we forget about this page.....so keep us on our toes. Send in your contribution. The monthly prize winner will thank you. Charlotte

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