Monday, May 23, 2011

To Continue or Not to Continue

It's embarrassing how little energy I've had recently for keeping up with gg designs.

Debating if this is a time to close up shop or to find a new direction and reinvigorate the Gazette and Catalog and gg designs in general.

Over the years it has been very rewarding, for many, many reasons. (None of them financial, unfortunately, since this was the first dream/ create a small, retirement income.)

It soon became apparent that wasn't going to happen, even at its activity height.....the "good old" massively under appreciated "Cyberstampers" days.

BUT......we've made many good cyber friends. Had a great time exploring various techniques presented by customers and followers. And have used some of them successfully in our personal (very limited as everyone knows) stamping adventures.

One of the most satisfying aspects is seeing the ways customers use gg designs' images. Ways that we would never, could never have envisioned.

Hate to give that all up.

Giving some thought to offering grab bags until the current in stock supply of rubber is depleted but leaving the Catalog in tact. There are so many wonderful samples and techniques gathered over time that it would be a shame for them not to be available to anyone who's interested.

OK....not decisions.....just ruminating.

Thanks for listening........if you have any ideas, let me know here, or better still, at the Gazette.

I'm at a crossroads, pondering directions. Input appreciated.



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  2. Continuing to make cards, share cards, mail cards to terminally ill particularily two thru eighteen years with specials going out to other RAK "sender's" family or friends when mentioned in the RAK blog. When prayer while making a card to send a youngster or other ill person is lovingly added to crafting the card is most cherished! Some of that overage you were musing needing another home could come to be added in outgoing mail addressed to those needing uplift. If you are so inclined, another happy spot is Operation Write Home for those cards fitting into the descriptions approved for military in the mid east zone. Blessings, however you designate those cherished crafts.
    Keep Looking UP!

  3. It would be interesting to know how many gg design's customers send their hand made cards and crafts to the military, hospitals and such.

    It's a good use and encourages more well as generous sharing.


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