Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't Forget to Check the "COMMENTS"

That's where we (I...still struggling with those dread personal pronouns vs. the editorial "we") hope the excitement will be. Where you will "connect" with other ggd readers and hopefully where the meat for future discussions will start.

Why gg design's Gazette?
As we state (in the side bar) there is a feast of creativity out there. Some of us are visual learners, some love reading about new things, some (like me) respond to word of mouth to lead us to the "goodies."

I do not represent myself an any kind of an authority on things creative and my heart responds to the needs of "newbies" or those for whom the creative adventure is always new. intent is to pass along information I hear (mostly from you....all of you) and print, on line, in my inbox.....or to give you just a tiny bite, a little taste of a new technique or an old one that may have dropped off your radar while you went on to other, more complicated, challenging things.

There will be lots of links......lots. And hopefully lots of information shared among you. Make it yours! Ask Questions! If you use any of the techniques you learn from each other here, let us know how it went. Of course we'd love it if you acknowledge the source, give credit to your "teacher" (we'll be adding links to existing "Challenges" and presenting new ones as people step up to share) but that's not necessary. What you learn here, what you are encouraged to try, we hope will be a pleasant experience along your creative path.....wherever that takes you.

One of my favorite places to go when I need a jump start on a project is 

Patricia Morris' Inspirations pages.

The other day I was browsing and (sorry, can't recall which of her many videos this was in) she did a very simple thing. Probably one we've all done but have somehow put aside and forgotten.
She was using one of her lovely background pages with a subtle butterfly in the corner. She cut around the wing to give it just a little more definition. Made it really stand out. I almost said "pop" which is one of those overused (imho) terms of approval! I'm trying  to wean myself and say what I really mean : )

With Halloween fast approaching, bet that would be a quick and easy way to make those jack-o-lanterns or ghosts or witches scarier!

Sorry, didn't mean to go off on a tangent but just want to invite you, encourage you, to participate with gg designs by leaving comments, offering suggestions and asking your questions.

By the way....Yogi mentioned that the "Subscribe by Mail" link (in the side bar) was hard to it's now moved up so it "stays" by the current post.

Thanks Yogi.

Come join us, folks!  


  1. Ok, so I subscribed via the "Atom" link at the bottom of the page and now I can comment!! Yay!

  2. You can ALWAYS make comments : ) My page is your page : )

    After all, you were my VERY FIRST customer--dare I say how long ago?


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