Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Responses to Challenge

Here is Arlene Faber's multi-purpose layout. This sketch is worth keeping on top of your card stock to remind you of what can be done with those small pieces of paper that are just too good to throw away.

Pre-punch circles to have at the ready. Cut some of the smaller pieces into appropriate rectangles and your card is on its way to completion almost before you are ready to start!

Here's what Yogi (Grunwald) did for this challenge:

Can you tell which of the layout's Yogi leaned on most heavily?
Yogi, being Yogi....with all her experience and talent, is not afraid to improvise (a lesson for us all) but use of the sketch elements is subtle but clear.
A click on the card will take you to Yogi's site with directions and closer views of various of the cards parts. It's easy to get happily lost in Yogi's site, there is so much to see, but don't forget to come back here!.

If you didn't return, you'd miss this lovely fall card:

Of the contest, Sally B. writes:
So glad you are doing a contest at your site!  It got me motivated, anyway.  
And of the card she adds:
I am happy with this entry, except:

Here is my entry into the contest.  Unfortunately, the colors do not come through on the scan.  I also have a digital camera, and if anyone has any suggestions about how to make the card look better, I'm open to them.

About the card:  My creation is using the wonderful outline provided at your website. All stamps except the colors, which are really not quite visible. I used glaze pens which really show off the card and shine!  I am happy with the fulfillment of the assignment, except for the fact that people cannot see the glaze shine and the layered coloring.

Thanks to Yogi and Sally for being so quick to respond and getting us off to such a good start.
Now that they've broken the ice, we hope to see more from the rest of you.
Contest will close at the end of the month so there is plenty of time for you to create some special Thanksgiving Holiday cards to enter. How about place cards for the festive holiday table? Nobody said they have to be full size cards. It's using the layout to jump start your project that we are hoping for.
It's a great and versatile design. We hope you'll all find good use for it.

Thanks for checking it out..........I'll now rush to my "in-box" to wait for all those many, many cards that are about to descend !!!

gg designs, Charlotte


  1. very nice Sally. Bummer we can't see the glaze and the card in real life. Pretty fall colors

  2. I like the two color look that I'm seeing. I love the 3 autumn symbols you used on the sketch interpretation. Sometimes when things don't scan well I take them into PhotoShop Elements and adjust the color a bit.


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