Saturday, November 12, 2011

Card Crafters

Do Not Live by Stamps Alone!

Check out these cards from Arlene Faber:

Arlene does "needle tatting" which she says is much easier than using the traditional tatting shuttle.

Fab writes:
I finally got around to scanning a couple of the note cards that I make for sale.  The borders are done with the Cuttlebug embossing folders.  The flowers are tatted.  One card has stamped leaves and the other has tatted leaves.

She adds--They are nice for short notes of all kinds, sympathy, get well, thinking of you sort of things.  Tie a bunch together and they make a nice hostess gift.
I sell them twice a year at a craft fair we hold here in Sun City.  Lots of clubs participate and sell some of what they make.  There will be knitted and crocheted items, paintings, ceramics, jewelry, quilts, tablecloths, wood items and stained glass.  There are also books for sale written by resident authors and the train club will let folks come in to run the multiple track train layouts.  Al ot of work and a lot of fun too.  Usually lasts 3 days in November and 2 days in about March.

If you are interested, leave a comment for Fab and she will reply.

Also, a You Tube browse will net several instructional videos showing the technique.

As Fab says, she used the Cuttlebug for embossing the edges. (For those without a Cuttlebug, a row of simple tatting down the edge would be a nice finishing touch.) The gift packets she describes are, as she says, an extremely appropriate hand crafted hostess gift for the holidays.

Are you involved in any holiday boutiques or craft fairs? If so, do you have a specialty? A favorite pattern or project? Do you make something you get requests for year after year?

Please share with us all, to help make the holidays more personal and more fun without breaking the bank or exhausting the participants!

Thanks Arlene. You've triggered a project idea for gg designs........and if it ever sees the light of day, we'll share it here.

gg designs

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Simply gorgeous, Arlene! Your notecards must sell very well, and make for happy recipients, who hopefully appreciate your time and creativity!


  1. delicate and very pretty. I've seen tatting done at our heritage park. I look at the very very thin thread and those tiny, tiny stitches and I shudder. So how long does it take to make the tatted item on one of those cards??

    This is the 1st year in a while I'm not participating in a craft sale. I usually make hand bound books that people are always asking and looking for.

  2. Beautiful cards! I am trying to learn shuttle tatting! You are very talented <3

  3. The tatting on a card may take up to an hour of my TV time. I do it all year and then spend a couple of weeks assembling cards. The last two fairs I sold a bit over a hundred each time. I usually make only 3 or 4 that are similar so I must have about 30 or 40 different general designs.

    Shuttle tatting was very tedious for me. I needle tat and find that very relaxing. Some of my cards will have less than 10 minutes of tatting on them.

    Instead of the embossed edge you could use a narrow border stamp, an edge punch or a decorative scissors to cut the front edge. Some times I use blank cards that have a raised panel edge.

  4. Well, I have made it through our craft sale with the best results ever. I have very little left over. I keep being told I'm selling them too cheaply, but it seems fair to me to sell them for $2. Sales tax is included in our pricing. For years I sold them for $1 each just for the fun of making them. I now have some steady customers who keep returning to buy from 5 to 10 at every sale.


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