Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Forgotten But Not Gone!

Can it be? It's been so long, so VERY   l  o  n  g   since this blog has been updated that it is embarrassing.

No tragedy. No great new life events. Just time passing.

No explanations......the reasons are too shallow to matter. (Except to say that planning a daily "something" took us from excited to overwhelmed in short order!)

But, we're BACK!                      
Are you still "Out There?"

Those patient, long time followers among you know that this Gazette had its beginnings when gg designs was actively designing and marketing carved look rubber stamps.

Since then the impetus to publish this blog is the desire to stay connected with the talented, generous cyber-family which grew up around Cyberstampers and now, for some, Rubberstampchat.

Wish we could make a grand announcement and reveal that Cyberstampers was reopening and Janet, et al were back. Alas, no. That's just a dream of ours. early May, Rubberstampchat is holding a virtual convention. We will be participating in that event and will have some of our stamps available then. Nothing new but many of you may never have seen them. (The catalog IS large and a tad cumbersome to navigate).

We will let you know all the details so please do come back.   Wednesdays will be "Late Breaking News" Day even if there is nothing earth shattering or even terribly exciting happening. We need to set a deadline or the updates will not happen (as you already know.) We want to keep in touch with all of you and give you a convenient place to connect with each other.


Congratulations to Arlene Faber are in order. Her tatted cards were once again a huge success at a boutique sale in her community. Some of her special designs are shown throughout this post. (Thanks Arlene.)

See you next Wednesday!

 P.S. Thank you Arlene, for incorporating gg designs images into your lovely cards.


  1. Glad you are back! Look forward to hearing what you've been up to.

    The tatted cards look great. Didn't think anyone was tatting anymore. Guess you could combine with other kinds of needlework.

  2. Glad you're beck, have been thinking about you.
    Looking forward to the rubber stamp chat convention - thanks for the heads up about it.

    Arlene's cards are beautiful. Love the simplicity of them and the lovely tatting, which I've never tried... although I do crochet.
    Have a great day

  3. Thanks, for the lovely card posts! Very inspirational. Sure enjoy your creative blogging, Charlotte!
    I had a very dear Grandmother, Clara Olsen Casber, that taught me to Tat ( and knit and crochet) once upon a time. It is such a lovely art. She used little tatted flowers in her card making...way before it was popular! I love to think of her looking down and seeing all the lovely creative things people are making now. She would be boggled at the selection of supplies we now have. She was such a huge influence in my life. She was of Norwegian heritage and such a sweet, dear grandmother, I like to think I am honoring her by carrying on with the creative talents I believe I inherited from her.
    Happy Spring, everyone~ Michelle

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback. I have seen small cross stich pieces and also crochet trims used on cards. As long as it fits the size, why not?

    I reccommend needle tatting to anyone wanting to try this. It is easier to get started with than the shuttle.


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