Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Back Again! Where DOES the Time Go?

School's out so that may have made big changes in your schedules for many of you. Does it mean more time (less chauffeuring) or less time (more entertaining)?
What do your summer plans look like? Is there crafting time? Does it include crafting for youngsters or is it your "therapy" time?
 Will  you be able to "come out and play" here? Particularly with the June "embossing" time?
Fortunately ggd's plans for the June Gazette won't tax you too much or take up too much of your time.
No ink, no mess....just embossing. 

Last week we stated:  

At the end of the month, we will compile the information gathered here (the samples and discussions from all of you) into a section of its own, showing samples submitted. We will compile the information and samples to make a "Tutorial" with links so you can use it at any time you are working on a project and would like to include embossing but need to refresh your memory.

Instead of waiting, we decided to make this a "work in progress" and have posted some samples and information to get us all started.

We hope you will all participate in order to make this a valuable addition to ggd's growing "Technique Collection." Originally they were called "Challenges" but that somehow doesn't describe the fun we had with the events and the things we learned from them. Links to these tutorials have been added to the side panel and we encourage you to check them out. Lots of generous teachers shared their knowledge and helped us all add to our skills and tools.

Wouldn't it be great if this new version of the Gazette carried on the tradition? 

Consider actively participating in the gathering of all the information to make stamping and crafting easier, more versatile, more exciting and more personal.  We are never after perfection (Hallmark, Disney and many others beat us to that!) but we do want fun and personal expression.

Come play!

And....on with embossing!

Next week we'll tell you how/when we got bitten by the embossing bug!

Play, have fun and press on!


Remember....there is a stamp prize at the end of the month drawn from the names of all the people who comment on the blog.

And, for those of you who send samples and directions, there is an immediate reward....a stamp from ggd's in stock collection. (Sorry, no choice.)




  1. enjoyed the embossing techs so far, especially the one with the twine.

  2. Thanks for checking it out.
    Next step : ) If you use any of the suggestions or have any favorite techniques you use, please show us/tell us/teach us!
    The more information, the more samples, the better!

  3. The Fiskars cutter that I am using is fairly old so you may not find it still available. I think it was called a "Personal" cutter. It is rather compact with a swing out ruler. There are newer models available. I love the small size and light weight so I can take it with me to a workshop. There are similar models available in several brands but they may not all have a scoring blade.

  4. I meant to add that several models can be found in JoAnns and Michaels and you can use coupons when they are not on sale.

  5. here's my contribution. Enjoy

  6. And another contribution
    Have a great day


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