Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yogi,  Karen and Sharon
Each of you approached embossing an entirely different way.........

In a note in the comments at the bottom of the Wednesday, June 7 post, Yogi sent a URL link to her blog, showing the card below:

Yogi: I absolutely love using water color crayons on embossing  folders and in this case used Faber Castell Gelatos. Love the "Artsy" look to the embossing. The background almost became the focal point, although that bow sure decided to take up center stage. To read more about the process, click here.
Inking and printing embossing folders is a fairly recently introduced technique which in some ways mimics the results of the letterpress printing of a bygone era.
It adds much richness wherever it's used.


A word about the "Comments" section from Sharon Currier:

Thanks for the section on how to leave a comment-without it I would have never found that little thing. ( That "little thing" is the line at the bottom of each post.)
 I tried leaving a comment, don't know if it was accepted or not.  I still would recommend a link at the top or bottom of your page for dumbies like me because it still is too hard to find.  I even tried clicking on the section that said comments, etc thinking that would link me up.  I'm not computer savvy, so even when I wrote the comment, you then have to select something else- google, url, anonymous, etc.  I have know idea what that is all about.  Then I guess you hit publish, at least that's what I did, but it deleted the comments-so I have know idea if you got them or not.  In the past when I've left comments for others, I do have to fill out my name, email, etc, then the comment, after that I hit "submit".  A window appears stating thanks for your comments.   I hope I have not offended you with these comments.   I normally would never even share all my confusion, the only reason I am sharing with this with you is because . . . others may want to let you know, but, they may be as naive as myself and unable to figure it out, and you may be missing some beautiful educational comments.

Offended? Of course not!
All the new (to some of us) computereze is mysterious (not so eze) and at times overwhelmingly frustrating. When is works as we expect.....or better than we's magical! When it doesn't it's maddening.

We will work on this issue
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Karen Eberle, a collage artist working in encaustic sent several examples.

In this example the colors are not "true" but you can see the "layers" being revealed by a rubber stamp being impressed into layers of wax.

  Karen writes:  . . . six to eight layers of wax built up, a combo of green and gold layers.  Star then pressed in. . .



The twigs embossed here are from the same project.


Sharon Currier's "embossed" images were actually paper castings.....very close to the embossing techniques and often interchangeable with them.

For these images Sharon cut her paper to fit a cookie/candy mold, wet it on both sides and let it dry. She added glitter to emphasize the embossing but it's clear either side of this casting/embossing could be used as is or as embellishments for other work. 

Here, Sharon painted tissue paper with water color and placed it over an Indian Arrowhead. She then sprayed glue on top and folded the edges of the paper over the glue (to reinforce the them.) She then mounted the casting on tissue paper and framed it with appropriate Indian symbols.


Another sample from Yogi.
In this case, she combines embossing (the background) with quilling and hand made paper flowers.

Whether you choose embossing as a "stand alone" application or an addition or enhancement to another technique, it is a valuable tool to remember.
Click here for more information from Yogi.
Also noted from Yogi's Blog......a great idea:
I've given my self, an on going self imposed challenge,
to use only the scraps of cardstock and paper I have saved over the past many years, to create any new cards... It would take me the rest of my life to use all my scraps, but I'm going to give it my best effort (started Feb 2012)
One of ggd's favorite places to buy stamp inks is BlockHeads......not just because they carry virtually ever ink known to stampers but because they have comprehensive information about the pros and cons of each brand with suggestions for use and warnings for materials with which they are not compatible.

Imagine our surprise when we happened across their blog while looking for a particular Stazon color!
Embossing is EVERYWHERE!

From their blog......

3 Days Left for the TP Challenge

Don't forget to try this fun project idea.  With our recent move, I haven't been able to take part in this one, but there have been some amazing creations including a rather humorous one.  Keep in mind you will need to start soon because this project requires some drying time before you can finish.

If you hurry, you may still have time to submit an entry but entry or not, you'll want to take a look at the embossing samples shown.