Thursday, July 19, 2012

The "Encaustic Exploration" started July 10. New posts will be added frequently. To read "in order" you need to scroll down and start with the July 10 post. You will be reading "bottom up!" A little confusing but unfortunately, "the way of the blog world." We will add information throughout the week to the bottom of this post and once the "exploration" is complete we will compile all the information gathered and share your samples.

Encaustic--Tools and Set-up

One of the  best "safety tools" while working with encaustics!
Since you are working with HOT tools and will at times switch from one to another, a power strip is an easy way to ensure all are turned off if you have to leave your work area for any reason.

ggd is a messy crafter...and encaustic is inherently messy! WHAT  A COMBINATION!
So, we use a shallow box to corral the pieces we are working on. 
Lined with discarded computer paper, it keeps a semblance of control, waste paper is easy to dispose of and is in abundant supply.

Adding a work light to the power strip is an additional safety control. If the light is on, chances are at least some of you tools are too!

More to come............... Keep coming back........
AND consider sending YOUR examples!

 The glue gun seems like an obvious choice for adding wax. won't get the control you might expect. The crayon melts much faster than the glue you are used to using so it will certainly melt and add color to your project but you will have little control.
Once you've used your glue gun for melting crayons it's pretty much toast for any other use. It is now a "dedicated" crayon melting gun!

Heating the crayon with your embossing heat gun works as well. It gives a little bit more control.....but not a LOT! Don't expect to "draw" with the dripping wax. Be content to get it down so you can manipulate it with other tools.

Your embossing heat gun or a hair dryer may be used to heat, soften and manipulate the wax. We were surprised to find the heat gun was actually quieter than the hair dryer and aimed a smaller airflow more directly. Also, it, like most heat guns, has it's own stand...another useful safety feature. However in the MDWWYG (Make Do With What You've Got) mode, either will work. 

More to come....check back throughout the week for additions....
AND when you have scans of your experiments, please share them. It will help us all.

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  1. wow, you are soooo much more organized them I am. my area is always so messy whether I am doing something or not!

    1. Fooled ya, huh?
      You are only seeing one little corner of my work table : )


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