Sunday, August 05, 2012

Look What Fun Some of You Have Had.....

 OK......everybody who wanted to has had a chance to "play."

SOME of you have had a great time playing with this technique...others, not so much!

Look what Yogi (Art with Yogi) did!!! She posted links earlier but just in case you didn't go to her site to see her encaustic work we'll show it here.

However....we recommend you take the time to visit her site to see all her work........and share her play dates! She obviously had a great time! It's fun to read about!

 This has to be one of  ggd's favorites! The card clearly illustrates the sentiment. IT'S CLEAR YOGI WAS LAUGHING and HAVING FUN and  P  L  A  Y  I  N  G  !

Of course this tasty card has to be included here. (Coffee is one of ggd's favorite things too.) To learn about the techniques she uses and, more importantly, to enjoy Yogi's fun creative time visit this link to get started:

From Michelle Morlan:

Here is a scan of an encaustic that I just finished.

It started out life as a plain piece of muslin. Dipped it into milk
and drew onto it with sidewalk chalk. Then did some art work over it with a perm. marker. Next step was painting it with wax, and then
pressing one of ggdesigns flower stamps into bottom right hand corner.
Then I highlighted the stamp with Brilliance black ink and the edges of the corners as well.
Mounted it to a piece of water colored paper and, voila!


AND.....Look who ELSE "Came out to play!" 

Even though she originally protested, Linda Blackbird ended up sending all the following samples she did. Some she had already done and others she did this week  : )

Guess it can be contagious, huh? (We left her comments because it was such fun.....almost like having a "play date" only we are across the continent from one another!

Water seems to be a good place to start for me.  

ggd.....It's lovely...the technique just seems made for it!


Stamping was done with StazOn...and I learned real fast to make sure that I had the paper towel covering my thumb when swiping off the hot tool!

ggd....A paper towel or ice water or ice cubes. We all learned the hot way, starting with glue guns!
, there’s green in the sky!!! I never said I was good at this encaustic stuff, but it surely is fun!

ggd...That does seem to be the common denominator to this technique doesn't it....FUN!

I reeeeeally like the way this one turned out! 

This is a triangle card, image is by Stacy Stamps. A long time ago, I bought a few of her triangular stamps with the template to create shaker cards and matching envelopes.
As you can see, I didn’t make a shaker card here, but those flowers seemed to go with the way this wax was turning out.
I don’t know if the wax is supposed to be sealed or not. I just buff it with a clean paper towel.
I did learn that I can’t use MicroGlaze on these pieces….I like to use it on glossy c.s. after the inks have dried, but it contains wax and…..DUH, wax removes wax!

ggd....Some people use floor wax....but a t-shirt/rag or waxed paper all seem to work. There is a special finish that can be purchased to use on cards.....but it clearly doesn't seem to be necessary.

Yogi, Michelle and Linda certainly made this experimentation  MORE FUN!  Thank You!!!

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  1. wow, those are some awesome samples! I had something to share but time and internet connection troubles got in the way.

    1. Share whenever it works for you.
      Will be putting this together as a PDF than you can will be happy to have additional samples.

  2. wow, those are fabulous samples.

    Michelle, why did you use milk on the muslin before applying the sidewalk chalk?? I've never used sidewalk chalk, isn't it the same as blackboard chalk just larger pieces?

    Linda, love those fish in your water scenes, they're perfect, and the tree/brook scene is fabulous even with the touch of green in the sky. Big Grin


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