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Here is the first wrap which was posted last week.

And this is the gift which was wrapped with the paper shown last week.

Moving along........

We are still under the influence of "Rosettes." (See last week)   We WILL conquer them  : )  (Just not right now!)

This package combines a semi-rosette and one of our "go- to" techniques when we need to wrap a package and have no appropriate gift wrap "at the ready."

The package has the recipient's name printed all over it.
Sometimes we forget to think of the computer as an "art tool" but it certainly is.
To do this paper, print the name five or six times and change the font. Then cut and paste the altered type until there is a page full of names.

Since we are still in brown bag mode, we cut a piece of a bag to computer size--81/2 x 11

BE CAREFUL....Know your printer! If it is too touchy this is not recommended. Even if you don't choose to anger the printer god, ihis is a good "trick" to remember for other times and looks good on standard copy paper. Recipients love it and it looks like you went to a lot of effort     : )

With this package, a paper bag "ribbon" wraps the package in one direction. This does not secure the package. That was done with generous applications of rubber cement. Apply to both surfaces you want to "fasten," wait for the cement to dry and then press together. This double stick technique makes a remarkably strong bond.

You may prefer to use whatever--strong--adhesive you are comfortable with.


The angel is a series of "parts" layered one over the other, starting with the wings. The skirt is accordion pleated using your score board and making it as long as you need. It will not take a full strip of the pleated paper. Only about eight inches or so.

Another hint.......Just because it was there.....from working on anther project......we used a punch made for metal punch
through the folded top. Made it simple to add thin string though to tie and cinch up the top of the skirt.
You could probably use and eyelet punch if you have one of those in your card making tool arsenal.


An accidental discovery......not earth shattering, but if you haven't tried it you may find it helpful. For the "ribbon" we folded it (like bias tape) to make it stronger and make the edges more "finished."  

The discovery? Using a rotary cutter in combination with your scoring board makes quick work of this preparation. If you want a piece an inch wide, using your score board, instead of "scoring" use your rotary tool to make the first edge. Half an inch from the edge, use your scoring tool (stylus or bone folder) to make your first score. Make a second score 1" from that and half an inch from that, use your rotary cutter again to cut the final edge.

You can also use the folded paper handles that come with some grocery bags as handles, if their size is appropriate for your package.

NOTE: Essential tools for working with paper bags:
Bone folder--Helpful to crease the edges of package and help burnish the "double cement" areas.
Rotary Cutter--very helpful when cutting bags, particularly when they are too large to fit in your paper trimmer. Works well with the score board.
Embossing tool--Use your favorite.


The "tree" added to this package was simply a rectangle of paper--much longer than wide--which is fringed and then coiled around a toothpick and stuck in a cork.
This is a very small version. The paper was stamped on both sides before it was fringed.
Tissue paper is actually easier to work with and more effective with this technique but in this case we wanted to stay with the muted brown color scheme.

The line you see is a guide for cutting the fringe. Paper is stamped on both sides.


Another version of the "Name" wrap above:

Instead of the package having the names, you can make paper ribbon incorporating the name. AND, if you don't want to tempt the fates running brown paper bags though your printer OR you just don't want to use your computer, you can switch handwriting styles for a different effect.
If you are a calligrapher so much the better. But don't worry, for this project that is not required.

That's it for now.

More to come on Friday!


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jennifer said...
cute idea to personalize the paper that way! love it, also love the angel, great way to use the rosette
Sunday, December 09, 2012 
gg designs said...Thanks Jennifer. My family loves it...counts on it now. Wasn't sure if anyone else would like to use the idea but we've had fun with it.

If you prefer the "Old Fashioned Way" the link is below. We will publish your comments here so all can enjoy. Thanks.


  1. cute idea to personalize the paper that way! love it, also love the angel, great way to use the rosette

  2. Thanks Jennifer. My family loves it...counts on it now. Wasn't sure if anyone else would like to use the idea but we've had fun with it.



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