Wednesday, March 19, 2014


  Where DOES the time go???

Didn't mean to slip (slither?) away with no explanation.

Meant to take a week or two "off" but it somehow grew and grew.

And with the long "recess" came questions.

gg designs, the catalog of (mostly) hand carved images converted-to-rubber is still on-line but inactive. Posting of new images has gone from weekly (the good OLD days) to almost never--NOW.

So too, the need for, the (original) primary reason for this blog--to introduce new products has diminished.

Browsing the web and sharing fun ideas/activities found there was fun-is fun but not critical to any of us.

As time goes by, things change. We all change.

So too, this blog.


While there will be few (if any) new images added to ggdesigns' Catalog, we still "play" with images, cards, carving.

AND.......we still have many rubber stamps pressed and waiting!
These will be offered--as long as they are available.

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On a personal level...................

For a long time "what" to carve was never an issue. But, in time, after tackling my favorite subjects (sometime multiple times) I would get "stuck."
It took a while to sort out exactly where I would get stymied.
And of course.......the sticking point was "inner picture" of what I wanted to draw/carve/make. Often it was "complete," in my mind. And, just as often, I was unable to produce what I "saw." So.......the project sat.........and sat.............and sat.
Recently, while browsing for something totally unrelated, (I LOVE serendipity) I discovered a book:

20 Ways to Draw a Tree and 44 Other Nifty Things from Nature started a new approach!!! If I couldn't do what I had in my minds' eye, what COULD I DO?

Even without delving into the book, (or any of the others in the series) the TITLE somehow broke the log jam!

So.........this is my "new" approach to initiating a project................gather together pictures of the many ways the subject could be approached.

Google Images and Pinterest are great helps here. But be careful.........with all the images and links it's very easy to get diverted into unrelated, though fascinating, areas.

An example I'm currently playing with.........
Here is a "feather" I drew and carved a long time ago.
While I liked it OK......used it a lot (still do) I got stuck behind it........and never made another feather again.

But.........look below............

Feathers! Feathers! Feathers!

(All of these, thanks to Pinterst and Google)--If you don't have your "feather-fill" try Googling FEATHERS and checking out the images. OR, using Pinterest, enter Feathers in their search engine.

How many feather stamps do you own?

Care to share? Would love to see them.

 email us your choices, your favorite images.

Maybe someone will find just the right one for their project.......or better still, maybe it will spur someone on to creating yet another version. (Could it be, that like snowflakes, there are no two alike?)


Meanwhile, we currently have no set schedule for updating this keep coming back to see what's been added and to join the "conversation."

If you are on our mailing list you will receive a notification when there has been a substantial update or change in subject.

This is my new favorite "feel good" Internet Browse.......even with the drought in California, I doubt rain will bring the same quality of joy to the adults anxiously waiting for it.

Keep in touch!!!      

gg designs

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Let's get a conversation going! Please post your comments/suggestions below:

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