Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The "No Plan" plan.........

From last week: 
"We will frequently share "finds" as we spend much too much time browsing the world of the Internet! "

Alisa Burke
It will come as no surprise to many of you that ggd is a huge fan of Alisa Burke. (
 As a New Year "gift" she listed "5 Ways to Stay Fresh and Inspired."

One that suggestion that particularly hit home for ggd was "Unplug!" (Check it out--

Admittedly we spend much too much time "on-line." While not connected via Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Vimeo, we still let the www use up much too much time, (under the guise of "research.") 

However, before we work at "fixing that" (watching Alisa's video will emphasize the need for addressing not just the quantity but the quality of time spent on-line and its contribution--or detriment--to your creative work)...........we want to indulge, just a bit, in exploring ggd's "Internet Presence."

Look familiar Wanda?
Alisa's message is "Get out there," ours (this week) is a more passive, nostalgic "look back there, " as we revisit an early Gazette entry (before the Gazette was a"blog," when it was a part of the gg designs catalog.) 

The images scattered throughout this page should provide a hint about how FAR BACK we are going  : )

And what the backward look might have in store for the next holiday looming!!!

Be afraid!  Be very afraid...........there just might be a "challenge" around the corner!!!

Linda, Arlene, Jeanette, Audrey, Yogi, you remember these? AND, do you recall (before looking) who won the challenge?

 CLICK HERE to visit one of ggd's first "Challenges" lead by Heather Strenswilk. Heather, if you're out there "watching" where are you, now that we need you again?



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  1. well that goes down memory lane BIG GRIN. Hope you're having a great day

  2. It does, doesn't it?
    You are represented in a number of challenges and the many "tutorials" you so generously provided.
    Thanks again.

  3. I don't go quite that far back as I sure don't remember these designs.

    1. Did you check further down the page?

      What a surprise from Arlene Faber....... I am sending you what I did with the sketch (the shades of purple) and . . . more done by folks in my Wednesday morning workshop. I shared the sketch and instructions with them. Some bent the rules more than others. I also told them that it could be for any occasion.

      Familiar now?

  4. Yes, I do remember that card!! LOL It's not one of my favorites!! I like the turtle and the layout, but I should have used a different color in the background. Thanks for the memory!!!!

    1. I check your blog frequently, but for the benefit of those who do not, how about sharing what you are doing here occasionally?

      (Pushy, huh?)

    2. Not pushy at all!! I'll do that.


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