Monday, March 10, 2008

Still on A "Shakedown Cruise"

We are working with two to create and publish the latest information. This is, hopefully, going to be a more effective way to get emails to you. With more information, pictures and fun and also with the blog specific features....the most exciting one, a way for you to "answer back" directly, within the email. (That should keep me on my toes!) The second, is a program to actually mail the blog to you. That's not working so well. Theoretically, there is a way to mail the blog to you AS IS. So far that's not happening. It it's apparently sending the new information but not in the intended format. Using an entirely different layout. Our quest now is to find out how/why this is happening. Also, it is only supposed to go out to you when there is new information. That way you won't be inundated with duplicate emails from gg designs. (Some of you are already irritated by this. I understand and apologize.) My suspicion, my fear, is that everytime I edit or change anything (color, size, placement) as I try to get up and running, you receive ANOTHER copy! Please say it isn't so! BUT, please, if this is happening, write to me to let me know. Thanks again for your patience while I try to work all this out. Charlotte


  1. charlotte,
    welcome to the world of blogging.
    i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

  2. Just getting my feet wet!


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