Friday, March 14, 2008

More Apologies Are in Order!

Take a peek at the Gazette Front Page. You'll see a "nothing little piece" that stole TWO CLAY PLAY DAYS and a lot of sleep from me. And you'll get your apology for being bugged by so many update notices. I did it. I forgot that every time I touch the blog, it sends notices of "new" content. This time is wasn't "new," or even interesting, just repetitious. I've been trying to put a tiny little slide show at the bottom of this infamous new people can get a peak at some samples. It sounds 1-2-3 simple when you read the directions....that was two days/nights (I've got them all mixed up) ago. Of course, I thought it was ME.........until I found a "help" section that had at least twenty people writing with questions about the same difficulties I was experiencing. Ugh! And no solutions that I could understand : ( Still don't have it resolved. But I couldn't waste ALL the work, so I found a way to put the slide show on the web site. I kind of made it up, I think, but it worked. Not, of course for the Blog, where it's needed. Auuughhhh computers!!! I'm so tired now I'm going to bed at a ridiculously early hour. Hopefully to get a fresh start tomorrow. A fresh CLAY PLAY start! Goodnight. P.S. A new see if I can make a "practice, " unpublicized blog to use to work out these confusing issues privately.

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