Saturday, March 15, 2008

There WILL Be Carving This Weekend!

The computer glitches continue....though chipped away at! (OK, all you grammar students may now cringe!) The two problems haunting both the Blog-a-letter (this page) and the Gazette (the Newsletter) were resolved--momentarily! Apparently the site for enrolling to receive automatic updates is not working properly--automatically or otherwise--though it was when you were sent a request to join. The logos have disappeared (even though we have changed nothing) and when the sign up button logo is not present, the button doesn't function. In attempting to replace the offending, non-working culprits, I discovered I was unable to gain access to the site. Not wanting to waste yet another day with fruitless "fix-its" we will take a break from the tech stuff and accept that if you can't sign up, for whatever reason, you must not have been meant to, (sorry again grammar students!) at least at this time. BLOG is definitely a four letter word, an unpleasant one, in my limited cybertech vocabulary! Since I really don't want to spend another compulsive day at the computer I will be turning it off (horrors!) as soon as this post is finished. There will be carving this weekend. This is my low tech therapy to counter to loss of control of things technical. Look for a "proof" next week. While the carving output may never make it to rubber, it may just keep me out of the rubber room! Thanks for listening! Charlotte

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