Monday, May 12, 2008


"Blog Something" Got a note from a friend saying "Blog Something." So here I am. Keep thinking I should have something "important" to say.....but then, if I wait for that wonderful occasion, I might never blog! And, I suppose that wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen--to you, me or the cyber-world at large--but then, I wouldn't have the opportunity to say "I'm stuck!" Just seem out of ideas for images. Often when that happens, someone comes up with an "I NEED this stamp" request and the engines start revving up again. Anybody have a project that "needs" a certain image you just can't find? Anybody have any "this is how I dug myself out of that hole" advice? If you've "been there" what is the "done that" what got you going again? Waiting here with carving tool in hand and mind frozen in place. Help!!! Bye for now.