Thursday, May 15, 2008

A House Idea

"I Could Use a House" Heather's comment ("I could use a house,") started us thinking...... The same friend who harrassed us to "Blog Something" has been urging carving the buildings in the MiniMall (where everything in stock and on sale is housed). We resisted, but as we explored the "House for Heather" possibility, the idea seemed to make more sense. We will not attempt an "accurate" drawing of Heather's house--or yours! But we'd really like to see pictures of your house. With a collection to spur us on, we would like to try for an assortment of houses. New ones, old ones, modern, Victorian, ranch, city lofts, apartments and styles from all over the country (or countries). Every area seems to have its own particular "look." From this, we hope to make a series of drawings to work individually or together to form neighborhoods that capture your imagination. Send us your pictures, your requests and watch this project grow. Hopefully we will end up with a stamp for Heather and a gg designs village (one building at a time) for everyone. Join the fun! Send your picture to and see if you can spot your house as the "street" takes shape.