Saturday, May 31, 2008


Best laid plans.....and all that! Working on "A House for Heather" and am not pleased. Can't seem to get the ideas I see in my head to come out on far. The idea stemmed, in part, from the "MiniMall" on the web site. This is a series of little geometric doodles with trees and such to identify the buildings. The gg designs "Neighborhood" was hopefully going to have that same flavor but with carvings instead of computer graphics. So far it's fizzled. But....though discouraged and frustrated (I HATE to disappoint Heather) I am going to use the "Early Bird" page of the Gazette as an on-going look at the progress--or it's lack--of the gg designs "Neighborhood." Usually the Early Bird page is used to announce new images when they are being made into rubber. This time though, it will be a window into the whole process, start to finish, of the birth of a new set of drawings. You can sending scans of your house. Sure, I can Google and get lots of pictures but this is meant to be more ultimately show where and how all you ggd stampers live. By the time the project is finished, the buildings will probably bear little resemblance to the picture you send. Please don't be offended. This is not meant to be an accurate portrayal, we all have cameras for that : ) We are interested in apartments, duplexes, high rises, farms, mansions and shacks. (Shacks, like old shoes, are much more interesting to draw!) One of the persistant ideas running around in my head as I work in this, has to do with Tricia Morris' "Waterfall Card" project. (Featured on the front page of the June Gazette.) Seems like it would be great fun to make a version of this card with all drawings until you get to the very last page....and then, feature a photo of your house. Think the contrast would be very interesting. If any of you try it, please let us all see your work.......because I think about more card ideas than I actually produce : ) Enuf for now.....back to playing with, cursing at, fiddling and poking at the house idea. Any suggestions are always welcome. Thanks.