Friday, June 20, 2008

House Portraits

House Building Project...... going very slowly! Apologies to everyone who thought this would be an "instant" build! I was soooo excited by the idea and expected it to just flow. But such has not been the case. Just can't seem to get the ideas moving. Sorry too.....because it's been such fun to see your houses, to try to visualize you there, stamping away! Haven't given up on it.......yet......but I'm close to throwing in the...carving knife! Have set a deadline. If, by that time, I haven't hit upon something that will work, I will choose to go on to something else. I did learn! Isn't here something we all know? About....not counting your chickens before they're hatched? It seemed so clear cut, so easy. But I won't again (at least not until I've forgotten this lesson) announce, with such vigor and enthusiasm, a project whose bones are not strong enough to assure completion. If I were a contractor, you've probably have me in court over all the building delays. It's a shame someone could virtually build a house while I'm diddling with how I want this "village" to look. Will get back with an update toward the end of next week. Hope all of you in the midwest are safe and dry. Sounds like a terrible time there. (And here I am fussing about my "little houses.") Have a good weekend.