Monday, October 06, 2008

Fun With Heather

What fun!!! Heather Strenzwilk discussed sketches/layouts and issued a "challenge" in the Gazette this month. Already two people have submitted samples and both seemed to enjoy the process of using Heather's sketch as a "jumping off point" for their designs. Take a look.... Gazette Front Page ......and join in! This is a thinly disguised attempt to lure former Cyberstampers' fans (we miss Cyberstampers' classes and games and fun) out of hiding. We hope Cyberstampers' will be up and running again soon (Janet, we miss you!) but until then come play with us. And....don't foget....Rubberstampchat's Virtual Convention--October 10-13. Lots of vendors, lots of sales. gg designs will be reopening a fully stocked 99c store. Convention Go-ers will get first dibs and free shipping. So, head on over and join Rubberstampchat if you haven't already. Look around and get the lay of the land....then hit the sales October 10--13 and stock up in preparation for the stamping/card making/gift giving times fast approaching. (I didn't say the "C" word!) Hope to see you over the weekend!