Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rubberstampchat Convention

Great Fun..... at Rubberstampchat Forum this weekend! Starting Friday at 9 AM there will be a Virtual Stamp Convention with more than TWENTY vendors presenting sales and new images and merchandise. Check it out! For our part, gg designs is opening a "true" 99c Store. This store replaces the $$$ Store in the MiniMall. The $$$ Store was misleading. Items were placed there because they didn't fit well into other categories....but the were of varying it really didn't make sense. Apologies to everyone who may have felt mislead. It's "fixed" now, with the opening of the 99c Store. There, nothing is over 99c. If you visit the store through the Rubberstampchat Convention, you may buy as few stamps as you wish. Otherwise, there is a 15 item minimum at the store. Either way, check it out (ggdesigns' 99c Store) and check out ALL the sales from Friday until close of business on Monday. See you there.  
ggd Charlotte