Friday, January 16, 2009

Jenanette Water's January Sketch

We Are Having a Lot of Fun
......with Jeanette Water's January Sketch Challenge. Check out the Gazette to see the samples that have been coming in. In addition to the sketch Challenge we've been informally making plans for future events. One, hopefully to be completed in February, is a group Thank You Card to Janet Detter-Margul, founder and fearless leader of Cyberstampers. As many of you know, Cyberstampers has been out of commission for slightly more than a year now. Done in, we expect, by super complicated technology as Janet was revamping the site to make it more interactive and more user friendly. There were lots of wonderful plans but setting them into motion apparently proved more taxing and much more complicated than Janet envisioned. Many of us miss Cyberstampers and are worried about Janet. We also feel badly that her work was so grossly under appreciated. Though we do not know where she is or how to reach her, we are nonetheless going ahead with plans to float a group thank you into Cyberspace in the hopes that it will somehow reach her. If you care to join us, write an email to and we will include your message. AND, come by the Gazette to add your work, your ideas and your comments there. Some of the future plans may include a "No Hearts or Flowers" Valentine Challenge, possibly a "Guy Card" or "Man Mail" Throwdown and some open discussions on making do when you don't have the materials specified for a project, following directions exactly or using them as a starting point and many other topics. We'd love to include your ideas as well, so come join us when you have time. We also want to publicly thank Heather Strenzwilk for her column in and influence on the Gazette. She initiated the first ThrowDown as a way to demonstrate what one actually is. This is what got us off to a good start and has made January at gg designs so much fun. Very soon now, gg designs will be off line for from one to three weeks. We haven't figured out how to keep the Gazette up and running but we are working on it. Possibly we will ask for emails on some of the subjects we'd like to explore and use your information for up coming issues. We won't be able to acknowledge your correspondence until we are back up and running so have to ask for your patience. KNOW you are not being ignored. We will get back to you. In any case....there will be a notice on both the Gazette and the Catalog front pages when the time comes. Meanwhile, hope your 2009 has gotten off to a good start.