Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Janet Detter Margul We Miss You!

An All February "Valentine" This month we are using the blog to collect notes and comments to send to Janet Detter-Margul, Cyberstamper's Fearless Leader! gg designs and many of our customers "met" on-line at Cyberstampers events and have been "hanging out" together ever since. A little over a year ago, the site closed down in preparation for a massive overhaul to get ready for a new approach, a forum with many special features. We waited and teased and prodded but nothing happened and now Janet has fallen off our radar. Mail gets returned, messages to Cyberstampers go unanswered and we are worried she is stuck under the Cyber-rubble of the site construction (as opposed to construction site?) demolition. Janet....are you out there? Janet, can you hear us? Where are you? HOW are you? We miss you. So, both here and in the Gazette we are collecting notes and letters to "send" into Cyberspace in the hopes that they will somehow find their way home to her. She taught us a lot, helped us a lot and provided lots of laughter. It's all missed. If you too benefited from all her work, write and let her know about it. Send us a message here reminiscing about Cyberstampers' "Good Old Days." Tell us too what you learned in the classes, many taught by her and many more by her team of teachers. Let's make this a huge February Thank You to Janet. Charlotte P.S. In addition to our composite "Letter to Janet" there are TWO challenges in the Gazette for February as well as a sneak peek at what's coming up in March. One....a Valentine without use of Pink/Lace/Flowers/Hearts and all the expected elements. Two....Heather's Valentine Sketch....any and all the flowery traditional Valentine elements are a go! For the March information, visit the Gazette. Thanks.