Friday, August 24, 2012

Wrapping Up
Encaustic Exploration

With one last look at Karen Eberle's interesting encaustic work we will finish with this subject for now.

Originally started to explore the use of encaustic with stamping and cards......went FAR A FIELD....and now we will reign it in and get back to a more modest approach...the use of encaustic to enhance cards and add interest to stamping projects.

ggd has to keep being reminded that encaustic is one approach, not the whole ball of wax. (Sorry!)

We personally will be exploring it still more and will continue to love seeing your work using it but for the sake of the blog, will go on to other things. Hopefully, things of mut•(yo)ual(l) interest. But we can only mute if you'll let us know where your interests currently lie. (Sorry again!)

Please continue to comment. Write letting us all know what you are up to, what your latest interests are and what you would like to know about or share with us. AND....send scans of your spark our interest....keep us moving and learning....challenge us all.....and help us stretch.

In the next several weeks we will compile the encaustic information of the last few weeks and post it in the side bar so you can easily refer to it if you need or want to. We will also continue to add samples there, as they come in.

For now, here's another look at some of Karen's work.

 Come back next week!


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  1. more lovely samples!

    you know what I would like is to hear how people deal with their blocks? for the past month or so I have had to force myself to make anything. I can pick out the image, decide on papers and color but actually sitting down and putting it together is a totally different story. I know part is that my stuff is in a big upheaval but even when I know where it all is I still lose interest.

    oh and using distress inks would be something I would love to see ideas for. I have had the pads and now the markers and have maybe used each once or twice....

    1. Good questions....topic/conversation starters.

      Hopefully someone will respond to your comment here....if not, we'll see about using it in the body of the blog to see if someone with experience with these products and issues will step up to help out.

      Thanks for the places to start.

  2. I guess this was just not my ball of wax. I think I like the idea of using a white or maybe yellow crayon as a resist, but that is about as far as I go.

    1. For stampers and card makers this is probably a very good idea. The random results, particularly of the more abstract approaches, are often beautiful but (almost) always messy leaving a back that needs to be covered.

      For people whose art is for display (painters, collage artists, etc.) it's may be a more appropriate and satisfying choice.

      I loved DOING it...just can't figure out what TO DO with it :)


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