Wednesday, September 05, 2012

For Those Who've Followed the Gazette Before It was a Blog.....

This is a "Remember When"

It's not so long ago that ggdesigns' Gazette was a companion to our Catalog. When we were producing new carved images first weekly, then monthly and finally with much longer lapses between new stamps, the Gazette was where new images were introduced, new samples from customers were first shown and sales were announced.

As we ceased making images into rubber (we still carve for various exchanges) the Gazette evolved into Challenges and New Techniques introduced by customers, artists and crafts teachers who generously shared their talents and encouraged everyone to try new ideas, new materials and just generally have a lot of fun.

One of the "events" of that era was a peek into artists' studios. That event can still be viewed by visiting  Studio "Tours"--Artists' Workspaces. (Side Bar) Yogi gave us a peek into her studio and Karen Eberle shared the temporary studio she was "building" in New York where she had gone to help out her Aunt who was hospitalized. 

During the tour someone asked about Karen's Studio at her home on Orcas Island, Washington. She agreed to show it to us when she returned home.
She's done better than that! She's showing it to the WORLD!
In the Fall issue of Studios Magazine you can meet Karen and take a tour of her studio.

The Orcas Island studio in this "blurb" is Karen's

So you won't miss it........for September, there will be a drawing from among all the people commenting and sending in samples or making other contributions to this Gazette. (Everyone who sent in "Blockbuster" suggestions is automatically included.) The prize is an autographed copy of Studios Magazine.

Great article, great pictures!

To whet your appetite, check out her Long Island "temporary" studio<<<and come back here all during September to make sure you are repersented for the drawing! 


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  1. Karen's little studio is so cute, love the furniture pieces, especially the shelf she painted white. So many treasures to play with, one very lucky girl.


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