Wednesday, October 03, 2012

And the Winner is . . .


We promised a copy of the magazine in which Karen Eberle's Orcas Studio was featured......

ggd assigned numbers to everyone who posted comments or sent in samples and Karen picked a number.

Congratulations Yogi. Karen will autograph a copy of Studios magazine and send it on its way to you.

Thanks everyone for adding your comments. It always makes blog more interesting.

On to October!

In the past (the gg designs Catalog/Gazette past) we have had challenges of many kinds. One of the "toughest" was Halloween without using the traditional colors.

This month we'd again like to issue a Halloween Challenge.  

Make a card without the traditional witch, no pumpkin/jack o'lantern, no spiders and webs, no ghosts or mummies, no grave yards........nothing that immediately shouts Halloween. Let's see where it takes us! Traditional colors are OK....just not the images.

And....while you are toying with how to do Halloween without Halloween......childhood (or older for that matter) memories are bound to surface.

How about sharing them. What was your best/worst Halloween? Did you have a favorite costume? Do you even like Halloween. (We have one granddaughter who loves it and one who won't even walk down the scary costume isle at Michael's!)

Looking forward to your answers to these questions and your participation in this "tricky" challenge.

Have fun.....and send in your ideas and comments as soon as possible. Let's have lots of treats this month!


No Halloween Images Challenge

First in....Yogi's "Something Wicked This Way Comes!"
: )  Pretty tricky Yogi! Though pretty scary, thanks mainly to our dear friend Edgar Allen Poe, the Raven is not specifically a Halloween Image!  Neither are BLACKBIRDS (hint, hint, Linda)!


To learn more about how she put this together click on the card.
Thanks Yogi, for such a great start!
Yogi writes: I guess you know by now, I'm a little anal. ROFL and sends yet another unconventional Halloween Card:

As always, check out Yogi's site for a comprehensive "how to." Yogi has one of the most organized studios you are likely to see (check out  Studio "Tours"--Artists' Workspaces ) but even she looses things now and then. Ever tenacious she found her missing gelatos which she used for this card. If you don't know "gelatos" she discusses why she likes them so much and why she wanted to use them on this card.
Thanks Yogi.

Now, where's YOURS?

Send your address, in order to be eligible to receive a prize.
Don't forget to read and add your COMMENTS below.


  1. My congrats to Yogi. I hope you enjoy your prize.

    I made way too many Halloween cards a few years ago and I'm still working on using them up. They are too Halloweenie to be shown here.

  2. For ggd personally, you can't GET "too Halloweenie" but for this challenge you are probably right.

    BUT....we can certainly make room to show them off separately from the "Challenge" entries. Might make a fun contrast.

    Feel free to share : )


  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. A first! A comment ggd felt would be offensive to long time Gazette readers was removed.
    Sorry to have to do this. Anonymous is welcome back with more appropriate comments.
    Hope this doesn't mean we'll have to go to moderated status. Want to leave this open and more readily available. ggd can almost never decipher the words (or sounds) on those "checks."

  5. Oh WOW!!! thanks a bunch. Looking forward to seeing the mag. Have a great day everyone.

    no pumpkins, no witches - sigh!!!

  6. and here's my October contribution... Something wicked this way comes.
    sorry didn't use a gg stamp.

  7. "sorry didn't use a gg stamp" No problem! You "came out to play," which is most important!
    Just knew we couldn't stump you : ) Thanks for getting us off to a great (and early) start!


  8. I guess you know by now, I'm a little anal. ROFL
    Anyway, am still playing and finally came across my Gelatos which I misplaced over 2 weeks ago. Old age setting in...

    Anyway, this time my card uses gg designs stamp (don't know what it's called though) and is a little less "Halloween-ie", but uses the color scheme. Thought I'd surprise a friend - "Boo" and let her know I'm thinking about her.

    Have a great day

  9. "I guess you know by now, I'm a little anal."
    If you weren't this blog would suffer : )

    Interesting that your friend's name is "Boo." Worked out great for you for this challenge, huh?

    The ggd stamp you used doesn't really have a name. It's a "fill in" from a set and can be used for many things. ggd didn't even think of it as a flower but it certainly works.

  10. congratulations Yogi!

    hmmm this challenge is a hard one. maybe I will come across an idea that will work.

    I love Halloween, to walk around in a disguise and beg for candy from strangers - how fun is that?

    I was one of those hoodlums as time went on. One of the last Halloweens I celebrated in costume, I dressed as a witch or something. I wore a long black caftan and carried a huge bag of water balloons, shaving cream and stuff around inside the dress. I was with two other girls (not sure how we all hooked up since we weren't that close), but we basically had it out with a group of boys...don't remember if anyone won but I do recall that they were the ones that the sheriff caught, lol.

  11. "I was with two other girls (not sure how we all hooked up since we weren't that close)" Being "fugatives" and "on the run" from the boys must have made you closer. Necessity and all that!

    "that they were the ones that the sheriff caught"
    Out ran them, huh? Very impressive.


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