Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Nobody "came out to play" with Yogi and me  : (
Thank you Yogi for "being there."

It's lonely out here  : (

Challenge too tough?

Life too busy?

What then? 

A "two part" challenge? 

ONE....the one nobody is interested in except Yogi, no traditional images but Halloween colors are OK


A second, a repeat of a challenge from a couple of years ago:

Halloween images but non traditional colors?

Here's a peek at Michelle Morlan's answer to this challenge :

Do two options help.....or is ggd doomed to just sit here and pout?

Yogi got us off to a good start so send us YOUR entry or Yogi and I will have to eat the Halloween Candy all by ourselves  : (

From last week's post:

>>>And....while you are toying with how to do Halloween without Halloween......childhood (or older for that matter) memories are bound to surface.

How about sharing them. What was your best/worst Halloween? Did you have a favorite costume? Do you even like Halloween.

Always a good sport and willing to play along, Jennifer writes...... 

I love Halloween, to walk around in a disguise and beg for candy from strangers - how fun is that?
I was one of those hoodlums as time went on. One of the last Halloweens I celebrated in costume, I dressed as a witch or something. I wore a long black caftan and carried a huge bag of water balloons, shaving cream and stuff around inside the dress. I was with two other girls (not sure how we all hooked up since we weren't that close), but we basically had it out with a group of boys...don't remember if anyone won but I do recall that they were the ones that the sheriff caught, lol.

OK Folks....Fess Up! What kind of trouble did you get into at Halloween?


On to Other Things

A note from Jennifer Willis:

Hi! Well I ended up signing into the webinar [Marie Belto's  paper/wax workshop mentioned during the encaustic exploration] but had some people stop by and missed it. I was able to get the link though and here it is. I haven't had time to check it out but hopefully it is informative. jennifer

Here's a link to the webinar:

ggd attended and is happy to report that it was indeed, very helpful. However, it almost seems (from extensive Internet and You Tube browsing over the last few weeks) that there are two distinct "camps." The traditional (using painterly techniques and materials) and a second group utilizing newer techniques and tools: a craft iron to apply the wax and wood burning stylus for details. While the traditional group tends toward wood backed, mounted and framed, generous size paintings and gallery presentations the second group's approach results in interesting abstracts and landscapes and lovely backgounds for smaller cards and projects. Ms. Belto is pretty solidly in the first group.

Her book (though not the seminar) was like getting two books for the price of one. The first half was on paper making, her choice for encaustic painting. 

If you have the time, it's an interesting listen.


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  1. two great cards! Still don't have any ideas but I did do an ATC using Marilyn Monroe as the witch, lol.

  2. Have a copy of your ATC we can see?

    : )

  3. Hello,
    I love Fall. It is my favorite time of year, the briskness and snap to the air it is so invigorating to me :)
    Here is a card that evokes the coolness and windy howl of the wind, in my mind anyway!
    The bird sitting on the branch is wary and silhouetted in the moonlight!
    Happy Autumn everyone!


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