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Added 10/18/12

Whoops! Spoke Too Soon!

Michelle Morlan came through with this fall card that "almost" fits both challenge categories. Great combination of one of her carvings (the bird/tree in the middle circle) and her drawing, extending the branches, plus artful layering. Could be Halloween Night or Fall is Upon Us......take your pick!

In put a stop to ggd's incessant whining, Sharon Currier wrote to say October 16  was Dictionary Day (in honor of Noah Webster, Father of the American dictionary, born in 1758). Not willing to give up a wonderfully glum sulking for a celebration, our first response was "ho hum!" (Sorry Sharon, ggd was determined to wallow in self imposed misery!) BUT she presented a challenge! Create at least two new words with your own definitions (and of course, use them in a sentence). They are most fun when made by combining two other words.

Here are ours..........It's lots more fun to cy-ite site (write--blog--cyber write, write for cyberspace) when there is someone to cy-ead seed (read what you've written in cyberspace) and cyomet sommet (add comments, cyber-comment) on what you've cyitten sitten (written for cyberspace)!

OK! OK! We give up! We'll go now!

Thanks Michelle and Sharon.

See everybody again next Wednesday.
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Added 10/19/12 
Hate to think that whining works but..........     : (

From Jennifer

This is the ATC I mentioned using Marilyn Monroe stamp and the hat was hand cut. Hope you like her! 
She observes "you can color your hair but it doesn't cancel the blonde out..."

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added 10/19/12

ggd's Blog Runneth Over!

In the snail mail today, these two offerings from Sharon Currier.
First: A very traditional Halloween Book Mark.....which just begs to have a book of ghost stories to hold it.....


THIS....which certainly fits into the "unconventional" card approach ggd has been proposing in this post.
Difficult to see in this scan....this card is layered, photo upon photo and colored wire "talons" top it off. Not a recognizable Halloween symbol to be seen......but the caption on the back, "Have the Aliens landed?  Happy Halloween," lets you know that "Traditions" in this 21st century are changing.

Send your address, in order to be eligible to receive a prize.
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  1. Nice image and a great take on the challenge. Have a great day

  2. that's an awesome card! love it and would love to have that stamp

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Just saw your post and thanks so much for the compliment! By the way that stamp is for sale if you are interested in it.
      My shop on, is called, or you can contact me on my gmail: mcrazy4art@gmail .com
      I would love to do one for you :)
      ~ Michelle

  3. "would love to have that stamp"

    Check with may be available.

    Thanks for sharing your Marilyn.


  4. I thought so too. Funny, I'm not sure Michelle was sending it to fulfill either of the challenges.....just to shut me up : )

    It worked!

  5. Hmmm....comments coming in out of sequence.....oh well, we'll leave it to you to figure it out.


  6. the book mark is adorable, and the second sub, very unusual! love them both.

  7. : ) You must be on the computer and on this Blog site almost as much as I am. LOVE IT! Thanks for being there!!!



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