Sunday, October 28, 2012


Though ggd doesn't "stamp" much, we do appreciate interesting mail, bordering on "mail art" and appropriately decorated envelopes.

And, even though we have, on occasion participated in "First Day Covers," we don't often think to check to see what the Post Office has to offer.

Primarily we use Breast Cancer Awareness stamps. We know the story of the Kaiser Surgeon who lobbied congress (on his own time, taking a leave of absence to personally talk to representatives in order to get the necessary legislation passed) and love the "look" of the stamp and its message and purpose.

But, there is still a place for the decorative additions. 
Coordinating your stamping and your stamp gives a  cohesive, finished look to snail mail and helps to keep an important, personal communication method current. 

ggd confesses to being virtually addicted to the immediacy of e-mail but there is no denying it does not convey or help create the personal connection of hand written correspondence.

If you check at http://www.USPS  "custom postage" you will find these seasonal stamps (among others).

Since October is "National Stamp Collecting Month" it's a very good time to get in the habit of browsing the USPS site for the various stamps they offer that will make great, decorative additions to your mailings.

You don't need to be a stamp collector to appreciate the tiny samples of art and history that are available for a such a mini price.

As Arlene (see comments) points out, the stamps shown shown are by
Zazzle and sold through the postal site.
You can also find other themed stamps (though not Halloween or Day of the Dead) at Seasonal Stamps.

Check eBay--you may fine a niche where you can sell some of your creative endeavors to make some money-to-buy-the- supplies-to-make-the-money-to-buy-more- supplies-to make......etc.   You get the idea!
Decorated envelopes, coordinated with stamps are increasingly prized by stamp collectors.





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  1. Are all of those real stamps? I notice they say on them. Or were they done on one of those custom sites where you can even make stamps with your own photo on them.

  2. Yes....if you check the site you will see them under "Custom Stamps."

    They have some really nice Autumn/Thanksgiving ones as well.

    Didn't see any "custom" Holiday (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah) ones but that's probably because they already have quite a few available all year long.

  3. never thought about coordinating stamps that much, but then I don't send things out anyway but it is great resource if I do change my habits!

  4. If you don't send things out, give some thought to it. Maybe you can find a group that distributes cards to servicemen and women to use in mailing their families or you can almost always find hospitals, especially Convalescent Hospitals, who would really appreciate the gift.

    Whoops : ) Have I pelted you with this one before? If so, I apologize.....but really, if you don't use them and/or don't recycle them into other new projects, it's worth thinking about.

    : ) Gives you an excuse to buy new supplies :)



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