Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Election is a Tough Act to Follow

. . . so we won't even try!

Enjoy the almost continuous "day after" coverage as people look to the future trying to anticipate what will happen, what will change and will things get better . . . and when.

Did all the pre election activity spur you on to any special art projects?

Did red, white and blue show up in you work unannounced?

Congratulations US!  You did it again!

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  1. aw, this blog is much more interesting that all the election crap. luckily I don't have tv service, except for netflix.

  2. : ) Thanks, that's comforting to know.......though there are times I wonder?!!!

    What are you reading or looking for on other blogs that we could explore here?

    What art are you doing now and especially during the coming holiday season?


  3. I did get some cards done with tatting as decorations on trees, just simple strings of Josephine knots. They usually sell out in our craft fair which is next weekend.


    1. Fab, good luck with your craft fair! My grandmother Clara taught me how to Tat! It is such a lovely form of lace making! She also made them into little decorative flowers for note cards she sold. But this was clear back in the 60's!~ Michelle

    2. Can't believe it's holiday craft fair time again! Seems like minutes ago we were talking about it and I got some of your cards.

      Do you work on them the year around?

      Would love to see a 2012 version. Care to post a pic?


  4. I am lucky enough to not have T.V. service, as well!
    This coming holiday season I will be creating art for other people! The only thing I will be doing, partially for my self, is my yearly carving for my Christmas cards. I am doing the Twelve Days of Christmas, and I am on day 7, 7 Swans a Swimming! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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  6. Having seen some of the others, I'm looking forward to seeing those swans as well.

    After the holidays, could we talk you into posting the new image here?



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