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Several posts ago we discussed coordinating postage and envelope design. Not an original idea but one that bears repeating.  Not being able to express oneself graphically in emails is one of the electronic drawbacks which is tolerated because of the many other advantages, immediacy being a primary one. BUT the end of the year holiday time, is a good time for the "decorated" envelope return.If you have young children or grandchildren, you probably have seen more "hand turkeys" than you care too.......but if you thought it was over.....forget it! Teachers of the small ones, parents and crafters and children themselves, create new versions every year. Here are some of what you have to look forward to......Thank you Internet (and Google) for making "Hand Turkey 101" a click away! 

 We found holiday designs on Zazzle.....and of course, they had a "Hand Turkey" postage stamp. Several, in fact!

We took a "Hand Cancel" ggd stamp
and made our own Hand Turkey. If you have the rubber stamp, it's a simple matter to color it and stamp it. But we wanted a variety of sizes so we colored ours (on the computer, but you can do it any way you want), scanned it (at 300 dpi so it could be enlarged or reduced without loosing too much detail) and used it in several sizes.

Feel free to download the samples and give it a try.

If Hand Turkeys aren't your thing, we have some lovely autumn and holiday images/ideas coming up for next week. Very excited about a new site we've discovered.

 In the meantime....for a simple, seasonal add on, this low resolution image from ggd's catalog will add a subtle seasonal touch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Next week we will post on Thanksgiving instead of Wednesday....for all of you "non" Black Thursday/Friday shoppers.

See you then.


                                  A Note from Sharon Currier
Tried to post the following comments & even tried to condense them, but to no avail.  So I decided to just e-mail you instead.

. . . The Turkeys hand prints are so cute & reminds us what to really be thankful for-each other.   Also, I love your comments on decorating the envelopes, heard it before but forgot about it until I read your blog.  Regarding craft sites-tried the 3 rec. by Jennifer-they're great!  Thanks much, Sharon

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