Friday, November 23, 2012


and One Last Hand Turkey....

And possibly the Ultimate One!

Alicia Burke took "hand turkey" more literally than most.......with results that are great fun.
Too bad ggd didn't find this and post it BEFORE Thanksgiving. Look at all the little hands you could have had at your Thanksgiving table. Wouldn't that be a family picture? We won't mention the hand prints all over your house  : )

If you do not know about Alicia, check out her site by clicking either the hand turkey or this sample of her fall leaves, (one of ggd's all time favorite subjects for painting, crafts, and seasonal decoration). Her site is filled with wonderful experiences and some great tutorials.

In one of her discussions regarding making room for art in your life, she suggests breaking the Pinterest, Face Book, Twitter and general Internet Browsing habits!

Ohhhhh, ouch! Got ggd right where we LIVE  : )

Finally figured out that one of the motivations for writing this blog is to justify the huge amount of time we spend Internet Browsing. If we are sharing our exceptional "finds" with you it can't be "wasted time" can it?


For those who lean more to "crafts," than "art," (whatever that means!) we apologize for not finding this earlier:


One of the places that took hours from ggd is an Etsy page..........101 Pretty Printables.

There are literally hundreds of free patterns and directions to download and use. The problem will be narrowing down your choices.


TRENDING seems to be the newest "catch phrase," indicating (we think) popularity. It may have started on Facebook or Twitter. (We do neither of these so those of you who regularly visit these sites, feel free to educate us!)

We mention this because ggd is noticing a "trend" showing up on many sites. The use of book pages, telephone books, newspaper and magazine pages for stamping, collage and backgrounds. Alicia Burke shows a fall wreath using these materials and also sells 
kits which can be used for a similar project if you don't have time to make your own or lack the confidence to use your own sketches. 

This may become a lost art.....or at least a rare technique as more and more people get their news on TV or the Internet. Newspapers once a staple for crafts projects are less common all the time.

Paper Rose Template

A long time "brown paper packages wrapped up in string" fan ggd is impressed with this example of using ordinary materials in an extraordinary way. As always, click the illustration to visit the site and directions.

Closer to home......... 

You can see ggd's much plainer "brown-pap-i-er?" holiday wrap from several years ago by clicking here:  ChristmasQuick


Also--Closer to home.........Congratulations to Arlene Faber for yet another successful Crafts Fair.

We are particularly pleased that she used some of ggd's stamps as a basis for her simply elegant tatted cards.


Hope everyone is back from their Black Friday adventures. Get some rest.

Since you've purchased some of your gifts, we will be exploring wrapping them in the next few posts. We'd love to hear about some of your most successful wrapping ideas. Share with us all to decrease the last minute holiday frustration.


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  1. That is a truly special hand turkey. Depending on the paint used, it might even be possible to pull a print from it for next year's cards. What fun!

    I must take time to try to visit all the interesting web sites Charlotte posted links for.

  2. Gosh Fab, never thought of making a print! Not sure Alicia did either. I'll have to stash that idea for next year for an activity with my granddaughters. I can DO that....I only have two. Might be a wild activity to manage if you have a bunch of little ones. On the other hand (no pun intended but there must be one there somewhere) what a great event...a wall of hand prints...with everybody, all ages, participating. Hmmmmm.....Alicia may have started something!


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