Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Holidays Winding Down?

Presents "Stashed" or In Use?

Business getting back to "usual?" And that would be......?

The time between last week's blog and this one has been busy. . . taming lifefyre with the "over the top" help from Jeremy Hicks at lifefyre.
It's pretty much under control and working by now.
If you have any difficulties using it, do contact lifefyre.......they are very helpful.

The comments "section" was very active........thanks to everyone who participated.

Re-Reading the comments has left us wanting to incorporate the "Hide the Pickle" tradition next year (made a reminder note on the calendar), remember "home made candy" and home made baking is as special as those now rare hand written letters.

A common thread is to do more and have more order. The first not as difficult a challenge for crafters as the second.....nearly impossible to accomplish for an extended period of time.

Share with us your wins and losses, in this area.We can all try to figure out together how to help each other.


As we said last week, we are fortunate to receive several very special letters during the holiday season each year. We look forward to them and would be disappointed not to receive them
This year we received a surprise letter.......which was very special and a LOT of fun!  In it was this card:

A scan definitely does NOT do this card justice!

Linda (Blackbird) knew we would she clarified.....
 ". . . pine cones achieve their luster. . . green bubble funky film look great! (Pine cones were dusted with mica powder.)

For those of you who do not know, Linda has been a long time friend and supporter (through Internet and stamp connection--Cyberstampers--initially) and is responsible for MANY of the samples throughout the gg designs Catalog.

ggd must be way behind.....we have no idea what "green bubble funky film is  : )   Do you?

Ahhh Google! Turned up this Amazon page for information:

On the back of the card is a message:
This better not go in the trash! To our surprise, a stamp.....from River City Rubberworks.

We would never do that (toss a handmade card)....of course.......but it begs the question.....
When you send a card you've spent considerable time making, do you worry that  it won't be appreciated and may just get tossed?  (We welcome a discussion of this issue and possible solutions.)

Another question Linda posed (and will probably be surprised to see here as another discussion starter): 
Do you think that rubber stamps will eventually become a thing of the past? 

And one ggd would like to have discussed: Do you use digital stamps? Frequently? Seldom?  What are the pros and cons?

The pine cone image Linda used is one of ggd's all time most popular images. Click HERE to see the samples in the catalog page.

Glad you visited the Gazette. Please come back....and bring a friend!  : )