Tuesday, March 19, 2013


(With apologies to those of you currently buried under too much SNOW!)

What does this mean to you?

Spring Cleaning?

Hopefully for most of us dragging mattress & "springs" into the yard to be cleaned (hosed or dusted and then laboriously dried); rugs on a clothes line laboriously (and vigorously) beaten and returned to their spot; walls cleaned of winters' heating soot with play dough's forerunner, wall paper putty; the smell of bleach and ammonia and vinegar wafting about is a thing of the past.


Do you prepare and plant? Is it work you look forward to or dread?


Is there a lighter, breezier look to your work as the warmer weather approaches? 

We've already seen Yogi's Nod to Spring

In our discussion about this card (see comments) we noted that gg designs has done a number of tulips. The first of course, is seen at the top of this blog and is a part of ggd's logo in various forms.

Do you suffer/enjoy Spring Fever? Do you celebrate it?  

Tell us! Share with us!

Meanwhile, we will share with you.......
some of the flower images we've offered in our catalog over the years.

If there is enough interest, we will put together a "rubber bouquet"--a group of individually selected floral images at a special price. Let us know what images you are most interested in and we will see if we can let gg designs flowers grow out of the coming April showers

March? April? Gosh....2013 is almost a quarter over already. Who pressed the fast-forward button on gg designs' life?



is a 


check the




Thanks for checking out the blog and the catalog.

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