Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More From Arlene

.......LOTS More!

You saw these last week........

Arlene (Faber) has gone a different direction this week.
Instead of printing the images and hand coloring them, she has chosen to manipulate images in PhotoShop Elements.

Here are the results:


From Arlene:  For the last 5 months I have been dealing with breast cancer . . . I am done with radiation treatment
 . . .The treatment left me very tired so sitting and doing the Photo Shop alterations was very relaxing.  I'd rather be stamping but the energy just was not there.

I think the manipulated images add a new dimension to my work and are quite different.

Of her diagnosis Arlene says:
I was lucky and it was caught early so please do your mamograms every year.  At 74 this was a real shock to someone who never had any surgery or major health issues.  I am done with radiation treatment and will take hormone blocking pills for 5 years in hopes of preventing a recurrence.

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Arlene has two married daughters and seven grandchildren. The youngest will be six in May. Here is a picture of a family gathering* (from the Gazette's "The Way We Were," ETC. section, see side-bar,) of a few years ago. This will give you an idea why Arlene makes "8 to 10 cards a month for birthday, anniversary, graduation and other special events." ................And in her spare time she makes two to three hundred more cards to sell at  Sun City Palm Desert's Craft Shows.
 * We still continue to gather about 40 relatives to celebrate mom's life and exchange gifts and catch up on memories every December.

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Arlene Writes:
 Before we moved here, we lived in the San Fernando Valley for 35 years.  Both of us  were born in New York from 1st and 2nd generation immigrant parents who moved us all to the Los Angeles area in 1946.

I had several paying jobs along the way, but mostly I was a volunteer in PTA, Girl Scouts and United Way.  I still do some volunteer things here in my new community.  I have served on Board Committees and Emergency Preparedness services.

Favorite things would have to include enjoying my morning newspaper, tatting, (you've seen some of her tatted cards featured here), crocheting.  Creating anything has always brought me pleasure be it a new card, something off the computer or out of the oven.  I have become a more experimental cook over the years, poking around in the fridge and pantry for what might be on hand.  I have enjoyed cruises and the favorite way is on small ships (around 100 passengers.)  That was the way we did the Panama Canal, Mississippi River, Columbia River and the Rhine.

 My studio space has become more of a store room and I work often in the kitchen.

I love working with dye inks.  Sometimes I get away from stamping but I always come back to it.  It is a very satisfying way for me to work.  I also like using a wet brush with various water media.  Just got some gelattos and want to play with them.

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". . . wet brush with various water media." When ggd discussed her techniques in using digital downloads......specifically when we asked how she managed the water color look without smearing, Arlene offered this "hint":  

My computer ink does not run as it was made for photos with long term storage potential.  Some folks try to refill their inks or buy off brand substitutes and may lose the high water resistance of the original inks.  I recall when they all ran and I saw the ink just float off a home printed business card.

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Thank you Arlene.....for the peek into your world and for the new ideas for all of us to try.

For an earlier (Cyberstampers' Era) interview with Arlene, check

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Quick "Wrap-Up"

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We will be using that space to add bits and pieces of information. It is temporary and will change so take note of anything you see of interest. It may not be there next time you come back!

RE: Manipulating Images........If you don't have PhotoShop Elements, check your word programs. Most of them have some kind of paint/draw applications. Also, do an Internet Search. There are quite a number of FREE programs that you will be able to use for computer "play" with downloaded images.

Caution: ggd has no problem with your using our images for your personal use but be careful not to violate someones copyright! (WAY more trouble than it's worth!)

In addition to digital "stamps," some artists offer complete, finished art work for you to use. In these cases, please do not manipulate and please do give the artist credit.

Two for you to check out:

Click on the "Free Printables" section at the top of the page to download their latest offering. Be sure to check the archived files so you will have an idea of the scope and styles they offer.
Not "art" of course....and you certainly could DIY.....but sometimes they can come in very handy.

These are fun and even if you don't use them, they just might start you off with new ideas, a new direction!

Next week we will take a look at all the flowers that have been "nominated" to be a part of the "Spring Bouquet Special."

Thanks Arlene......and thank YOU.....for stopping by!