Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Yogi is Not Alone!

Other people see Pussy Willows as harbingers of Spring.
Alicia Burke (you all know by now that ggd loves this woman's blog) used this lovely picture as one of her tributes to Spring.
Sooooo creative and an absolutely wonderful photographer! Check her Spring pictures for a real treat.

Closer to home . . .
Arlene Faber has been doing a lot of hand-holding and encouraging as ggd toys with the idea of providing free art work to download. We never got on board as stamp producers embraced digital art as the new "greatest thing since sliced bread," in the arts/crafts world but hate to see things go to waste.

So, the idea of using existing art work for free downloads was lurking.

Yogi stirred the pot recently when she questioned whether anyone could download, alter and use ggd's images. Our answer is yes. But the images are copyrighted so it's a resounding go ahead for your own personal use.

Problem is......the designs were not produced with this purpose in mind and were not scanned at a high enough resolution to be really useful.

Arlene has been "playing" with some of the images while ggd investigates ways to revise the artwork so it manipulates more successfully.  

We are working on the technical aspects of doing this. It will involve rescanning and posting to a web page at a higher resolution than is possible on the Blog.

Meanwhile..........look what Arlene has done!!!



She writes:
Here are the four all done yesterday with water media.  The white cardstock was printed on an Epson printer. 
The bouquet of small flowers was done with Aquacolor crayons and a wet brush.  The hanging tubular flowers was done with distress markers and wet brush.  The carnation is done with Peerless Watercolors (the stuff that comes on paper cards bound like a small booklet) and a wet brush.  The poppies are done with Yasutomo metallic pan watercolors.  The scanner does not copy the metallic sheen very well but they do glimmer.


Thanks so much Arlene for getting us started down this new (to us) path.


P.S. In the listing of recommended sites, Jennifer added The Frugal Crafter. Guess what we found there! A clear description of how to use (download, etc.) digital stamps

Check here:

if you need help.