Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Collaborative Doodle Number Two

is under way........

Check back here frequently to watch it grow!

Doodle Two

5/30/13   Step 1                        5/31/13    Step 2

            5/31/13    Step 3                                              6/1/13    Step 4

6/1/13    Step   5

Sometimes straight, sometimes curved, always moving
Mental vacation
Swirling thoughts
Growth and renewal
Dreaming of getting away from it all!

Thank You

Jennifer, Gloria, Pat, Arlene and Roberta

 * * * * * * * * * * * the meantime:

Sharon Currier has no access to a scanner at the moment so she mailed in these ATC size doodles and offered the "starters" below for anyone to "play" with.



........a couple of posts ago, when ggd was "diddling" (not doodling!) with downloading images as digital art?

Arlene Faber went to town with hand colored as well as digitally enhanced versions. She took them even further as these finished cards demonstrate!