Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Collaborative Doodle Finished!

I tangle to untangle
Growth, exploration, thought
I wanted to stay in the zone


Just as the doodle is not bound by a particular direction, the poem can be "shuffled."

See theCollaborative Doodle takes shape!

Step by Step......

 Thank You:

Arlene • Pat • Michelle • Yogi • Roberta

Now, on to the second doodle.......... We have two particpants ready, Jennifer and Gloria......need three two one NO more! (Pat, Arlene and Roberta have joined us for a second round!) Write us if you want to participate........or join in for a second time! We can always start a THIRD Collaborative Doodle if others are still interested.

Second doodle is in progress......we will keep you updated as it "grows."

Send us your email and snail mail information!!!