Thursday, May 23, 2013

Collaborative Doodle

Wednesday (May 22)........ 

We talked about doodles, Zentangles and how popular they have become.

Gloria Swiech
We also touched....lightly.....on their value in addition to art "starters."
Some of the benefits include better concentration and focus, calming effects, even better recall (by 29% according to the Harvard Business Review).

Thursday (May 23)........   and until the Collaborative Doodles are completed........

 We are concentrating on the FUN of it!

To join in, send your mailing information (both e and snail mail)  
and see the results

Check back often as the
Collaborative Doodle takes shape!

Step by Step......

It goes like this:
One person starts a doodle. 
Spend about half an hour.......a relaxed half an hour..........with your favorite beverage, your choice of background music and..........THE DOODLE which will be emailed to you.  (This is in-progress "as we speak!")

When you are finished with  your contribution (a section, details added on to the previous section, etc.) scan the results (300 dpi please*) and email them to gg designs. We will forward the scan to the next person on the list.
*It is important that all stages are scanned at the same dpi or they won't print well or work together.

We asked for ten participants. Actually, we will be using FIVE artists per doodle. If we do not get enough folks for a doodle we may choose randomly from the list for someone to do more than one addition. If we are SWAMPED with participants (wouldn't THAT be fun!!) we will assemble more teams as needed.

As each COLLABORATIVE DOODLE is completed, we will post it here so you can admire your handiwork and download copies to use in any way you wish.

SINCE ONE OF THE BENEFITS OF DOODLING TOUTED IS ITS CALMING EFFECT, please think a bit about how it felt to do your section. Give a one word or very short (three words?) phrase to describe the feelings generated by the process for you.

ggd has no idea what will happen! And (most of) you had no idea what you were signing up for : )
What a courageous bunch!

This is just for fun.........but there will be "token" prizes for your efforts. doodle is already in progress. Keep checking back here for updates.

Thanks for playing:
Arlene • Pat • Michelle • Yogi • Roberta
  Jennifer Gloria YOU!